Where to buy healing crystals online in Singapore

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Perhaps a subtle reflection of turning to the divine for help in perilous times, the surge in popularity of healing crystals have proven that the comforting and meaningful allure of these gemstones is practically indisputable.

Known as conduits for wisdom and self-love, healing crystals are believed by fans to be able to vibrate on frequencies that interact with our own energies, creating a new wavelength of positive qualities like calmness, luck, friendship, and harmony. 

Many crystal users believe that metaphysical healing stones can cleanse the chakra of negative energy, and some have turned to stones like rose quartz (the “love” stone) to heal a broken heart. 

Though many may be hesitant to turn to new age superstitions that aren’t backed by science, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating.

It’s clear to see that healing crystals form a rather personal, individualised spiritual relationship with the wearer, charging the individual with positivity and empowerment so long as they believe in it.

Whether or not you’re a believer, there’s no denying that these gemstones can still look incredibly beautiful (I for one, will never pass up on sparkly rocks).

Spruce up your home, wear them as jewellery pieces, or carry them around you for a boost of positive energy – whichever healing route you’re planning to take, these homegrown Singaporean online shops will have you covered.

1. Glace Crystals

This local business came into being when a Singaporean couple began selling unique and ethically-sourced crystals on live streams as a means of spreading positivity and improving the wellness of others during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Having received positive feedback from the community, Glace Crystals began expanding its selection of rare crystals with distinctive healing properties.

Glace Crystals carry a variety of high quality stones, from essentials like Citrines sourced from Brazil (that are touted to introduce prosperity and wealth in your life) to the extremely rare Chatoyant Charoite Sphere from Russia.

Seen in the form of slabs, towers, and freeform sculptures, the crystals that you’ll find at Glace Crystals are like works of art that will enhance the beauty (and perhaps even the aura!) of your home.

Those who are interested in shopping for rare and unique finds from the world over can head on over to the brand’s Instagram (@glacecrystals), where the brand hosts live sale sessions every fortnight on Saturdays.

2. Kalon

This Instagram (@kalon.sg) store carries handcrafted wirework jewellery that lends an artisanal and sometimes even whimsical quality to the healing crystals it works with. The devil is in the details with Kalon’s one-of-a-kind pieces.

From a Moonstone nestled in the wire structure warped in the shape of a cat, to a crescent-shaped brooch embellished with Fluorite, Aquamarine and Yellow Aventurine, the selection of intricate pieces found at Kalon offers a delightfully unique experience in crystal jewellery wearing.

What’s more, every individual crystal is cleansed and charged with Reiki energy, a hands-on healing process that is alleged to intensify the crystal’s healing properties.

Kalon releases new drops on Instagram every Sunday at 3.30pm (Singapore Time), and you’ll want to be quick as its popular pieces tend to sell out fast.

3. Crystalliac

Standard crystal designs, like palm stones, towers, and hearts can be found at Crystalliac, but the real star of this local online shop is its stunning crystal figurines that take the form of charming animals like fortune cats and poodles.

Showing us that our crystal collections don’t necessarily have to stop at stones and geodes, Crystalliac’s vast array of tongue-in-cheek – and not to mention realistic-looking – figurines serve as spiritual tools that will brighten up your living quarters.

Hosting live stream sales every Saturday at 8pm on Instagram (@crystalliac), Crystalliac is the one-stop shop for curated, high quality crystals that are sure to put a smile on your face.

4. Crystal Tale

Not all crystals are created the same. According to Crystal Tale, every crystal is charged with its own energy in different magnitudes.

This means that certain crystals may not complement the wearer – some may be stronger at emotional healing, while others could possess a gentler, mind-calming energy.

Understanding the importance of personalising and tuning a crystal to better match its wearer’s needs, Crystal Tale offers a complimentary service for items that allows you to choose your favourite crystal and programme its energy to better suit your preferences.

Better yet, if you purchase a crystal for $50 and higher, the online retailer provides a more accurate and detailed crystal programming service for you based on your facial features.

Crystal Tale is the sole online distributor for Crystal Cube, a physical storefront located at The Adelphi near City Hall MRT.

So if you’re a newcomer in the healing crystal community, you could always head on down to take a look at their selection and even be advised on the energetic properties of different crystals in order to find a good fit.

5. Covet Crystals Jewelry

Artistic flair and positive intentions lie at the heart of Covet Crystals Jewelry’s exquisite handmade pieces.

Fans of statement-making accessories would be delighted to find that the online store carries a range of bracelets featuring, as the brand would call them, “mama-sized gemstones” with a lustrous finish.

Every gemstone is carefully selected and strung together to maximise their positive qualities for the intended effect, whether it’s attracting promotions and success in the wearer’s career or providing stress relief and emotional support.

Sporting classic and modern colour palettes, the jewellery pieces you’ll find at Covet Crystals are wearable and chic, rendering them a great companion for everyday styling.

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6. Chrysalis Gemstones

Offering healing crystal bracelets with dainty swaying pendant drops and fully-customised gemstone figurines moulded in the shape of mermaid tail smartphone stands, unicorns and bears, Chrysalis Gemstones will inspire you to expand your crystal collection with style.

Its most recent collection showcases an assortment of colour-coordinated bracelets that are teeming with a subtle, quiet luxe appeal that you’ll come to cherish.

Every bracelet is made-to-order to fit your wrist size, making them all the more precious and personal. To place an order, head on to the brand’s Instagram (@chrysalis_gemstones) and send them a DM.

7. CRZtales

Statement “bling rings” set with beautiful marble-effect crystals in dreamy colours, lush decorative crystal bonsais, and raw high-grade formations – the options for meaningful adornment are endless at CRZtales.

CRZtales curates the stones and jewellery pieces that you’ll find at this Instagram (@crztales) store, which is why you’ll find a sizable collection of special, eye-catching pieces. Case in point: the lovely mini fluorite tumbles shaped in the form of dainty crescent moons, stars, and hearts.

At 8pm every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, the brand hosts live sessions to showcase their new drops. Keep an eye out for the exciting new releases to come.

8. Glow Crystals

Eager to share the natural therapeutic and healing effects of crystals that she has personally discovered for herself with others, the founder of Glow Crystals makes it a point to personally customise and handcraft every piece of jewellery for different people with different needs.

Whether you’re a lover of sweet pastels or monochromatic designs, there’s a crystal bracelet for everyone at Glow Crystals.

The brand, which sells its lovingly crafted pieces on Instagram (@glow_crystals) through DMs, carries bracelets that are made from genuine, rare stones like Green Phantom Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Sugilite.

9. Ohmou

Those looking to incorporate their personal style with their love for healing crystals can look to Ohmou for sophisticated and contemporary jewellery pieces that look incredible.

The brand’s “Uptown Girl” collection is like a minimalist’s dream come true, featuring sleek and delicate gold chain bracelets beautified with gemstones like Aquamarine and Moonstone in a muted colour palette.

The “Garden of Eden” collection, on the other hand, sports distinctively feminine styles with bracelets trimmed with Peach Moonstone crystals or candy pink Rhodochrosite.

A notable mention, the “Money Magnet” series (well, the name pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it?) showcases a range of bracelets that are meant to promote wealth and success in business.

Ohmou offers free local delivery in Singapore for orders above S$120, and specially customised gift boxes for every item purchased. If you’re looking for a gift for a special someone, now you know where to look.

10. MoonAura

Handcrafted with intention, all of MoonAura’s bespoke crystal jewellery pieces are made from 9/14K gold-filled materials, minimising the risk of them tarnishing easily.

All of the brand’s crystals are also cleansed with salt water and even music before they’re sent out – talk about attention to detail! Take your pick from bracelets that purportedly inspire growth and new beginnings, stimulate inner peace and stress-relief, and incite emotional cleansing.

MoonAura also offers crystal ornaments and like Raw Selenite Plates, geode spheres, and towers that will fit your lifestyle. New launches are released every Thursday at 11am; judging by how in-demand the brand’s jewellery pieces are, you’ll want to keep close tabs on its restocks.

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This article was first published in Her World Online.