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Woman quits $5,000 job to deal with burnout and self-doubt

Woman quits $5,000 job to deal with burnout and self-doubt
PHOTO: Screengrab/Lemon8

Burnout due to work is a common phenomenon these days, and it always finds a way to trickle down to our personal lives.

In an era where hustle culture is the norm, it can be tough to just quit your job – especially when you're paid well. 

But that didn't stop Lemon8 user Carol (not her real name). In a post titled "I quit my 5k job to prioritise myself', she shared her experience of being burned out by her $5,000-per-month job. 

"I had this mindset that I could tolerate anything at work for a higher salary [or] promotion," she shared in the post.

However, that wasn't the case. During her days off and even when she was on leave, she still found herself working.

Unfortunately, this had an adverse effect on her personal life.

She mentioned that she would only look forward to sleep as it was her only escape from reality. What's more, she had no energy or mood to do anything else except work.

"It affected my relationship with my partner and social life. I just wanted to stay in bed all day," she mentioned in the post. 

Heeding the signs of burnout

That's when she knew she had to take better care of herself. She then stressed the importance of listening to your own body.

She recommended taking the time you need to process your feelings – be it crying or simply doing nothing. Don't think you're wasting your time, as it's actually productive that you're recharging your mind and soul. 

Another point she highlighted is that just because you are struggling at work it doesn't equate to failing. It's okay to seek help and there's no shame in doing that. 

Another point that Carol was keen to note is not to be easily swayed by what others are doing.

"Society now makes it seem like we must be productive and hustling 24/7 to remain successful," she said. "However, focusing so much on the outer world without caring for our inner selves creates an imbalance." 

Instead, slow down and tune into your inner voice. Try to focus on "feeling peace and joy within yourself, for that's all that truly matters".

Many netizens agreed with Carol in the comments section. One user emphasised how important it is to take small breaks. 

Another issue on the minds of commenters was if she managed to secure a job before quitting.

While Carol mentioned that she did look for other jobs, at the same time, she wanted to find one that she truly liked and not changing "jobs for the sake of [it]". 

In the end, she quit her job before finding a new one as she is on a break.

Tips on managing stress

Every job has its own challenges. As we try to perform our day-to-day tasks to the best of our abilities, we should also take a step back to take stock of our personal mental health.  

The first step is to recognise stress. Stress isn't entirely bad as it can increase productivity and performance. That said, too much of it can be detrimental. So it's crucial to find healthy coping mechanisms to relieve stress.

These can come in the form of exercising, picking up a new hobby or doing something you like. 

In a time where working from home is commonplace, the lines between work and personal life can get blurred. It's important to draw boundaries, which can be as simple as not checking your work email after certain hours. 

Another important tip is establishing clear communication. This can save a lot of time and avoid hiccups with your colleagues and managers. 

If you feel overworked, speak to your superior. Letting them know your current workload and capacity will allow them to reallocate your tasks or reject incoming work from other departments.

Or if you are feeling stressed from not knowing what's expected of you, honest conversations between you and your superior can be enlightening for both parties.

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