You can rent a 2-storey bungalow on the rooftop of International Plaza for $15k a month

[UPDATE, Aug 2] The tenant has reached out to AsiaOne to clarify that the property is currently unavailable for rent.

Bungalows are perched on top of hills in other countries. 

Here in Singapore, we have a bungalow atop a high-rise building in the Central Business District (CBD).

What caught our attention was that this "penthouse" listed on Propertyguru is not like its regular counterparts, and is definitely unique in its own right.

The two-storey bungalow has six rooms and bathrooms, its very own garden and even a mini-golf range as seen in a comment by redditor mainlymichele.

PHOTO: Reddit screengrab
PHOTO: Film House Rental

The house sits on the rooftop of International Plaza, and it is conveniently located just beside Tanjong Pagar MRT Station.

PHOTO: Google street map screengrab

If you'd like to find out what's it like to live in a bungalow atop a building, the property can be rented at $15,000 a month.

It offers a similar sweeping view of the city as James Dyson's super penthouse at Guoco Tower, which is just beside International Plaza.

Although the design is a little old-school, it reminds me of the bungalows featured in Hong Kong films.

PHOTO: Film House Rental
PHOTO: Film House Rental

So, if you've always wanted to shoot a Wong Kar-wai-inspired (famous Chinese director from Hong Kong) film, the penthouse is also on short-term rent for your next filming project.

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