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'You scared me to death': Grandma jokes after granddaughter surprised her while onboard plane

'You scared me to death': Grandma jokes after granddaughter surprised her while onboard plane
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Weelishyen

People pulling surprises on their loved ones is often cute and heartwarming to see.

In mid-May, Wee Li Shyen's grandmother received one heck of a surprise when Li Shyen appeared beside her during a flight heading to Ko Samui. 

The trip to Thailand was supposedly meant to be a vacation between Li Shyen's mother and grandmother, so the latter did not expect to meet her granddaughter on the plane. 

After all, Li Shyen is based in Brisbane. What are the odds of her joining in on the fun?

On Thursday (May 18), she shared a 39-second clip on TikTok of the reaction she got from pranking her grandmother.

@weelishyen Flew back to Singapore from Aussie to surprise my Grandma on her Mother’s Day getaway to Thailand 🥰✨ #Surprise #SurpriseGrandma #Grandma #MothersDay #LivingAbroad #ComingHome ♬ original sound - li shyen

"Once I found out I was coming back to Singapore, my mum managed to book a seat beside my grandma's [on the flight] to Ko Samui," Li Shyen told AsiaOne.

Upon Li Shyen's arrival to Singapore, the plan was to keep her presence a secret until the flight to their destination in Thailand.

During calls with her grandma, Li Shyen would even pretend she was still in Brisbane, but the reality was that she was already in Singapore. 

On the day of their vacation, Li Shyen was in full stealth mode just before she boarded the plane.

"At the boarding gate, I waited until [my mum and grandmother] were settled onboard [the plane] before boarding. I wore a mask and hoodie to disguise myself," she said.

The 23-year-old added how she was worried that the look would be a tad too suspicious and that she'd get stopped by security.

Thankfully, that did not happen and, once she was on the plane, the fun began.

She spotted her unassuming grandmother sitting alone in the aisle seat from afar. Even when they were seated next to each other, the elderly woman was oblivious to her granddaughter's presence.

When Li Shyen suddenly leaned against her, her grandmother looked mortified.

But upon realising that it was her granddaughter next to her, she exclaimed: "Why is she here? You scared me to death. Why you so free ah?"

This brought laughs from Li Shyen and her mother, who was seated in the aisle opposite them. 

Sharing more about her relationship with her grandmother, Li Shyen said that her grandmother was her caregiver from a young age.

This helped develop their relationship, which blossomed during adulthood.

She added: "[Even though I live] abroad, I FaceTime her every day. 

"She's a big user of social media and keeps updated on my Instagram Stories."

In the comments section, netizens were gushing at the wholesome nature of Li Shyen's video.

"This video made my morning! So cute! Have a good trip!" one TikTok user commented.

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