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Up your skincare game: Naz of Newdtral reveals must-try skincare trends and tips

Up your skincare game: Naz of Newdtral reveals must-try skincare trends and tips

In a world dominated by flawless filters and poreless skin, one skincare influencer is breaking the mould. 

Meet Naz, the man behind Newdtral, a brand that celebrates skin neutrality. 

AsiaOne delved into Naz's world of skincare, as he shares his top trends and tips for achieving healthy, radiant skin, from debunking myths to uncovering game-changing ingredients.

Keep it simple 

New to the whole skincare game? Naz suggests taking baby steps by adopting a basic skincare routine. 

For the day, all you need is a cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen. 

Come nighttime, use a cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser. In addition, Naz suggested you can also add other products to treat specific skin issues. 

Double cleansing, yay or nay? 

For the uninitiated, double cleansing, as the name suggests, is when you wash your face twice. 

Once with an oil-based cleanser and then followed by a water-based cleanser. 

"Double cleansing is a term that we are hearing more of today," Naz said. 

Oil-based cleanser helps to remove makeup and sunscreen from the skin, while a water-based cleanser "helps to restore the PH and remove the remaining [impurities] from the first wash".

All that to say, double cleansing provides a "thorough cleanse deep into the pores" of your skin. 

But do you really need to?

It's a no for Naz, but he did add that "if you're an avid makeup user, double cleansing can really help" to keep your face clean.

Too much information can be a bad thing

In this day and age, you can find a slew of information online, from the best moisturiser to a miracle serum that will fix all your skin woes and the like.

How do you cut through the noise and know what really works for you? 

"If you're a beginner, test out the product for yourself," Naz suggested when it comes to adding a new skincare product to your routine. 

There is a lot of misinformation online with an oversaturation of brands trying to sell you their products, he added. 

Personally for him, researching the products and doing a patch test on his skin worked for him. 

Slap on that sunscreen 

Naz is an unofficial ambassador of sunscreen – just take a look at his Instagram page and you will see what we're talking about. 

Planning to skip your skincare routine for the day? No matter what, always apply sunscreen.

The reason is not solely about vanity. While sunscreen prevents photoaging caused by the sun, it also protects you from sunburns and even skin cancer. 

Naz also points out that no matter the cost or the quality of your other skincare products, your efforts will be in vain if you don't use sunscreen.

And these days, sunscreens have come a long way. Now they are packed with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles; and niacinamide, a type of vitamin B-3 that helps to improve skin texture. 

Naz even goes as far to say that sunscreen helps to tackle "hyperpigmentation and, even, redness".

The latest trends and ingredients buzzing in skin care

It's all about repairing your skin barrier, Naz mentioned. "You are going to see a lot more products centering around barrier repair, to restore the skin's health and immunity."

He attributes this to consumers being "more knowledgeable in skincare" these days. They are aware that having a strong skin barrier is the key to achieving healthy skin. 

As a result of that, shelves are now lined up with products that feature pro- and prebiotics, fermented ingredients and peptides.  

All of which are known for improving one's skin barrier. 

Naz's skincare faves

It's only natural that we are curious to know what Naz uses for his own skin, apart from his own brand, Newdtral.

"People who know me will definitely say that I'm a strong advocate for the La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume, just because it's the first ever repairing balm or product that I visibly saw a difference in repairing my skin barrier," Naz mentioned. 

On top of that, he is also a fan of Naturium for its "efficacious yet easy-to-comprehend formulas".

"I also have to give love to local brands such as Two Halves, Soul Good Project and Mian Skin," Naz mentioned.

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