Desaru resort says no 'unearthly' issues, threatens to sue netizen saying she experienced paranormal activity

Desaru resort says no 'unearthly' issues, threatens to sue netizen saying she experienced paranormal activity
PHOTO: Facebook/Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa

It seems like rumours surrounding haunted resorts in Malaysia are not going away anytime soon. 

A Facebook user Tiya Ahmad who posted on social media claiming that she experienced paranormal activity at Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, a popular resort with Singaporeans, found herself in bigger trouble after the management of the resort threatened to sue her. 

Tiya Ahmad has since taken down all her posts.

The resort released a statement last Friday (July 8) denying the allegations and clarifying that a "false" and "viral" message was being circulated on Facebook and Twitter claiming that the property is "haunted" and "mystical" during Tiya Ahmad's stay.

"Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa Sdn Bhd have not encountered any such unearthly or mystical issues since the opening of the Resort in the year 2009 until now," said the resort in their statement.

"For those who spread false news, please take note that we will not hesitate to take legal action under the Anti-Fake News Act 2018 (Act 803)."

Tiya has since taken down all her posts regarding the situation on her social media accounts, but later took to Twitter to clarify that she had to delete her tweet and everything related to her trip to Desaru because seeing people talk about her experience made her "traumatised and restless".

Tiya claimed after she deleted her first post about Lotus Desaru being haunted that she had to return to Sabah for "treatment" as she felt that the paranormal creature had "followed her home", calling her trip the "worst holiday ever". 


While the recent Google reviews of Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa have mostly been positive, one user claimed that during his stay a few years ago, his doors would "randomly lock" until he knocked and "asked to be let in".

A Twitter user said she had similar experiences to Tiya during her stay at Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa. She shared that she heard someone crying in the toilet and was sweating under her blanket while she slept because she felt so terrified. 

Just last month, residents of the infamous Amber Court held a protest against YouTubers and "conmen" who claimed that the apartment complex is haunted. 

At a press conference in the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department on June 22, Amber Court Management Corporation chairman Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai denied speculations of paranormal activity surrounding the building and challenged anyone who claims to have experienced so to come forward.

The committee chairman also threatened legal action against those who spread false information or make up supernatural happenings about Amber Court.

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