Driver in Johor claims Singapore-registered BMW going against traffic caused him to crash

Driver in Johor claims Singapore-registered BMW going against traffic caused him to crash
The driver appeared to lose control of his vehicle after swerving to avoid another car travelling against the flow of traffic.
PHOTO: Facebook

A driver in Johor has claimed that he crashed his car while avoiding a Singapore-registered BMW car that was travelling against the flow of traffic.

The accident occurred just after 1pm on Thursday (May 9) along Jalan Seluyut Pasak in Kota Tinggi, according to a Facebook post by the driver which was reposted on Facebook group SG Road Vigilante.

The dashcam footage that was uploaded with the post shows the driver on a two-lane road. A black car in the opposite direction, which appears to be trying to overtake the car in front of it, comes onto his lane. 

Presumably to avoid a collision with the black car, the driver swerves to the left side but loses control of his vehicle. Several loud bangs are heard as the car slams into at least two other vehicles.

In the post, the driver claims that the black car is a Singapore-registered BMW. Its licence plate number cannot be seen in the video.

The driver is appealing for the dashcam footage from the motorist driving behind a white car that he rammed into, hoping that it would have captured the BMW's licence plate number.

However, the driver seems to have gotten no sympathy from netizens, who accused him of speeding.

"You speed like you were driving on expressway. You could've avoided this accident," commented a Facebook user.

Said another: "Both are asking for it. Dash cam car was speeding. Opposite car was in the wrong lane."

"To be fair, looks like there was a slope blocking cam car's early view of the incoming traffic. But in kampung [areas] and driving past incoming traffic, I'd slow down... There could be people crossing or cars joining the road too," wrote another netizen.

Some also questioned whether the BMW car is Singapore-registered.

"Curious how you know it's a Singapore BMW car and not a Malaysian one. Did you see the licence plate?" asked a netizen.

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