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'This is a father's love': Man takes baby along as he delivers food in Malaysia

'This is a father's love': Man takes baby along as he delivers food in Malaysia
The man was making deliveries with a motorbike he had borrowed from his in-laws.
PHOTO: PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/EbitLew

A father's love knows no bounds, and the actions of a delivery man in Malaysia showed just that.

He was seen making food deliveries with a baby strapped to his torso in a video uploaded on June 15 by celebrity preacher Ebit Lew.

The clip soon made its rounds on Facebook and Instagram, amassing a whopping 197,000 reactions from netizens in the span of a few days.


According to Ebit, the man's wife works in a clothing boutique and is unable to care for the child. The couple is struggling to make ends meet, therefore, he has no choice but to bring his baby with him to work, using a motorbike he had borrowed from his in-laws. 

As he shared his story, the delivery rider was seen wiping away tears while cradling his child.

Deeply moved by the young father's plight, Ebit handed the man some cash before taking him to a store to purchase a new motorcycle, and even offered the latter money to hire a babysitter.

The video tugged at the heartstrings of netizens, with many of them taking to the comments to encourage the delivery rider and praise him for his actions and determination.

"Fortunately for the baby, there is a father who is willing to fight hard to raise him and help the mother [sic]," one netizen remarked.

Another netizen chimed in: "This is a father's love... he's willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to gain a bit of happiness for his family".

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