'He wanted to taste only Segamat durians': Businessman takes helicopter from KL to Johor for durian feast

'He wanted to taste only Segamat durians': Businessman takes helicopter from KL to Johor for durian feast
Pictures of the durian trip posted by durian farmer Lokman.
PHOTO: Facebook/Lokman Hakim Johar

When it comes to durians, some will go to pretty extreme lengths just to get a taste of their favourite fruit.

Take one businessman in Malaysia for example who recently took his helicopter from Kuala Lumpur to Johor with three of his very lucky friends to satisfy their durian craze.

The four of them flew to durian farmer Lokman Hakim Johar's Kampung Bangas plantation in Johor on Wednesday (June 22), reported Malay Mail. 

The flight would have taken roughly an hour or so.

Over there, this businessman with a "Datuk" title requested for authentic Segamat durian varieties and was served the Muar Gold durian alongside with other fruits such as rambutans and mangosteen, reported China Press.

Orchard owner Lokman said the businessman, believed to be in his 60s, wanted only the local variety.

"He did not want those 'branded' durians like Musang King because he had been eating them elsewhere," said Lokam. "For this trip, he wanted to taste only Segamat durians."

The buffet trip lasted just over an hour and the group reportedly took 20 durians back to KL, according to the The Rakyat Post.

The meal cost this businessman and his friends RM88 (S$27) per person for the durians and RM25 per person for the river fish they consumed, reported the Malay Mail.

Speaking to the Malay Mail, the farmer said: "In order to arrange it properly, I contacted the helicopter pilot several times before the date and shared the landing point on Google map."

In Malaysia, helicopters are widely used by ministers, politicians and businessmen but some of their trips have come under heavy criticism for its extravagance. 

For this durian trip, one netizen congratulated the farmer for hosting this VIP while others asked if they could visit the farm too. 

Similarly, Singaporeans will go to great lengths for their durians too.

In 2021, 11 people were arrested in Mandai after trespassing to pick up some durians

At Yishun Park, some visitors were also seen waiting for durians to drop from the trees back in 2021.

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