Fight in Mandai? 11 arrested for trespassing protected area to pick durians

PHOTO: Unsplash

Durian season has just begun and many people in Singapore are already swarming to fruit stalls after sniffing out good deals.

However, police officers alerted to a fight in Mandai in the wee hours of June 27 found a group picking durians there instead.

The police said in a media release on Monday (June 28) that they arrested 11 people aged between 25 and 59 for their suspected involvement in a case of wilful trespass along Mandai Road.

Preliminary investigations revealed that 10 men and one woman allegedly went into a protected area near Mandai Road to collect durians.

If found guilty of wilful trespass, an offender might be fined up to $1,000.

The police reminded the public that "any person who without satisfactory excuse, wilfully trespasses on any ground belonging to the Government or appropriated to public purposes, shall be investigated accordingly".

Investigations are underway.