JB couple travelling to work in Singapore killed in motorcycle crash, leaving behind 2-year-old son

JB couple travelling to work in Singapore killed in motorcycle crash, leaving behind 2-year-old son
Funeral for the couple in JB.
PHOTO: Facebook/Adrian Eng Thong Yap

A typical commute to work quickly turned into a tragedy for a Malaysian couple, who died in an accident on Thursday (March 16) while on their way to Singapore. 

Chen Liru, 30, and Liu Jingchang, 36, were headed towards the Second Link on a motorcycle at about 7am and were about 18km away from the checkpoint when the accident occurred, reported Shin Min Daily News.

The accident also claimed the life of their unborn baby as Chen was six months pregnant at the time. The couple also have a two-year-old son. 

It's still unclear what caused the accident.

Speaking to the Chinese daily after the incident, Chen's elder sister, Liqin, said that the pair had been working in Singapore for several years. 

"They got married in 2018, and worked at different hardware shops [in Singapore]. My mother was taking care of their son," said the 38-year-old. 

On the day of the accident, the elder Chen went to the scene and found that there were no motorcycle skid marks on the road, which could indicate that the couple's vehicle did not spin out of control. 

She added that paramedics pronounced both of them dead at the scene. 

"Some people said that a silver car hit them and then fled, but we didn't see it with our own eyes." 

Chen wanted to save money for second child

In an interview with 8world, Liqin described her sister as "the most educated out of all of us [in the family]".

"She's very frugal and family-oriented. As her second child was on the way, she was trying to save money." 

Although Liqin often told her sister to carpool to work, she said that Chen refused as she wanted to keep the money for her child. 

Chen and Liu will be buried on Sunday.

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