Malaysian Twitter users slam wedding guest for leaving soiled diaper on plate

Weddings should be joyous occasions. But this wedding guest crapped all over the celebration when they left a nasty souvenir for the couple.

Twitter user Faqihuddin shared a picture of a soiled diaper on a plate of leftover food on Aug 31, writing in Malay: "The stupidest wedding guest in Malaysia".

According to Faqihuddin, he was at a wedding and came across the diaper which had presumably been left on the table by its previous occupant.

The only silver lining was that the diaper did not smell thanks to the venue's air conditioning.

The post, which has been retweeted over 7,100 times, drew many angry responses slamming the culprit.

"Stupid parents breed stupid child. We are already embarrassed when we throw it away in other people's houses. Other parents will bring plastic bags to throw the used diaper away. People nowadays are strange."
​Photo: Screengrab/Twitter
"Not stupid, just uncivilised."
Photo: Screengrab/Twitter

Unfortunately, it appears that Faqihuddin's experience isn't an isolated incident. Inconsiderate parents have been making headlines for throwing diapers on cars and on beaches, and Twitter users have chimed in to share their own encounters.

"Try working in a restaurant. I work in Nandos. Many times there are pampers thrown under the table and chairs. We serve them well and they serve us poo. Poo! Brainless customers."
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Faqihuddin, who seems to have an unlucky affinity for dirty diapers, responded, "I have to clean the toilet during flights as part of my job, bro. These days it's really dirty. Some don't even wrap the Pampers..."

A diaper on a plate is hardly an appetising sight, but some Twitter users made light of the situation with some toilet humour.

Photo: Screengrab/Twitter

We're sure that's one free burger that nobody will want to chow down on.