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Malaysian woman driving home after sending boyfriend to airport dies after crashing into 2 lorries

Malaysian woman driving home after sending boyfriend to airport dies after crashing into 2 lorries
A Malaysian died instantly after her car crashed into the back of an illegally-parked lorry.
PHOTO: Facebook/Peggy Choo

A 29-year-old Malaysian woman died in a tragic accident last Saturday (Sept 2) morning, when her vehicle crashed into the back of two illegally-parked lorries. 

The deceased, Zhu Lishan, had just driven her boyfriend to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and was heading home to Malacca where she lived, reported China Press. 

Midway through her journey, Zhu wanted to make a stopover at Senawang to rest. However, the entrance to the rest stop was blocked by two illegally-parked lorries. 

As her vision was blocked by the first lorry, Zhu was unable to swerve out of the way in time to avoid the second lorry, and ended up ramming her car into it. 

She died on the spot. 

Dash cam footage from Zhu's car uploaded by Zhu's friend, Peggy Choo, shows the horrific moment when she lost control of her vehicle

"For the sake of convenience, the two lorries parked on the side of the road, which was already very narrow to begin with. Because of this selfish act, my best friend lost her life," Choo wrote in her post. 

Choo also posted several photos of the accident's aftermath, which showed the front of Zhu's car destroyed from the impact of the crash. 

"This accident could have been avoided. I hope the two drivers can come forward to take responsibility for their actions so the deceased can rest in peace." 

Zhu's elder sister, Zhu Limin, told China Press that the family intends to take legal action against the two lorry drivers after finishing her younger sister's last rites. 

She also said that her sister's Chinese boyfriend has been informed of the tragedy, and will be heading over from Shanghai as soon as possible to send her sister off for the last time.

The elder Zhu also told the Malaysian media outlet that her younger sister had been helping out with their parents' pet store business since she graduated from school. 

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