Pillion rider falls off motorcycle after getting hit on head by coconut in Penang

Pillion rider falls off motorcycle after getting hit on head by coconut in Penang
A screengrab from video of a coconut falling on a woman's head.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter/MalaysiaGazette

Coconuts make for great food but sometimes they can be a pain in the neck, or in this case the head.

On Sunday night (June 26), a video was posted on the Malaysia Gazette Twitter, showing a pillion rider getting hit on the head by a coconut and falling off the motorcycle, in Penang, Malaysia.

In the 28-second video, the rider stops the motorcycle at the side of the road and gets up to help the victim. Other passers-by are also seen stopping oncoming traffic and helping the victim.


The incident took place on Sunday morning on a road heading towards George Town from Jalan Teluk Kumbar, reported The Star.

The victim, Puan Anita, lives in Taman Emas at the Bayan Lepas constituency.

Bayan Lepas assemblyman Azrul Mahathir Aziz said in a Facebook post that he would like to express his sympathy to the victim.

"As soon as I received the information, I went to the scene and asked the relevant agency to take immediate action," he said, adding that he has since contacted the children of the victim who is seeking treatment at the Penang Hospital.

He also said that most of the coconut trees in that area are on private land and that the trees were already at high risk of causing danger to motorists, reported The Star.

Some netizens under the Twitter post sent their well wishes to the victim.

One netizen hoped that the coconut tree could be cut down soon.

In 2017, a woman in Mumbai, India died after a coconut tree collapsed on her, reported IndiaToday.

It was reported that she was out for a morning walk when the coconut tree fell on her and she was taken to hospital but died a few hours later.

So do be on the lookout for falling coconuts, and always wear a helmet to be safe. 

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