Horrific 'eggcident': Online eggheads trade egg puns after dozens of eggs splattered on Paya Lebar road 

People salvage what they can after a massive egg spill occurred at the junction between Paya Lebar and Geylang road.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Singapore Incidents

Egg-lovers beware: This yolky tale isn't for the faint-hearted.

In a video uploaded to SgfollowsAll's Instagram page yesterday (June 13), an egg massacre of sorts at the junction of Paya Lebar Road and Geylang Road has left the streets filled with multiple egg cartons and shattered eggs. 

The eggs, allegedly dropped by a vehicle that failed to secure their goods properly, can be seen staining the black tarmac with yellow yolk and broken eggshells.

People pictured in the video also appear to be trying to salvage what they can, placing eggs into containers. There also appears to be some intact eggs by the roadside.

Netizens have approached this incident with good humour and many comments on the Instagram post are puns, referring to this as an "eggcident".

"I can hear people cracking egg puns in this comment section," one user commented.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/SgfollowsAll

Other egg puns ranged from referring to the eggs as "bad eggs" to stating that this incident was "uneggspected". 

Some netizens also felt that this was a waste of eggs and food, especially since egg prices have been in flux.

"Very wasted and the price [of eggs is] going to increase," said one user that commented on a mirror of this video uploaded to Roads.sg.

The price of a tray of 30 eggs was about $7.20 in the middle of March this year - it was $6.15 a month prior to that, according to the Straits Times.

A tray of 30 eggs is currently priced at $6.55 on Fairprice's website.

The changes in egg pricing are due to the current volatile environment affecting demand and supply, price of chicken feed, logistics and manpower issues, said FairPrice.

This is on top of Malaysia's export ban on chickens which began at the start of June this year.

Although Singapore has since found alternative sources in Thailand, Australia, Brazil and the US, global food prices have also seen record highs this year, especially for dairy and meat products.

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