'Spend every moment I can': 70-year-old widower in Malaysia travels daily for lunch with daughter, internet weeps

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok

Some say a father's love knows no bounds.

One dad's sweet gesture went viral after his daughter, a TikToker from Penang, Malaysia posted a video on Wednesday (Nov 17) of him waiting patiently for her to have lunch together, amassing more than 1.5 million views. 

The 22-second video shows her walking out from her office before revealing her father sitting by some steps and staring into space.

He got a shock to see someone filming him before realising it was his daughter and breaking into a smile.

The daughter wrote the caption in Malay: "Every day, without fail, my father waits near the office for lunch with me."


The TikToker, whose real name is Norwahida Ismail, told Malay Mail that her father would sometimes feel lonely when her sister goes to work.

He has been riding his motorcycle to Norwahida's office — a 15-minute commute — almost daily, since early this month. 

“My mum passed away 15 years ago and so dad and my unmarried sister stay together.

"But when she (sister) goes to work, she only comes home in the evening and dad will not have friends to have lunch with and he misses that," the accounts executive told the Malaysian newspaper.

In the video comments, many were moved by his gesture and also the daughter's willingness to spend time with her father. 


At times, Norwahida's friends will tag along for lunch too and she is not embarrassed to have him there, she told the Malaysian newspaper.

She said: “Dad looks forward to our lunch and has no problems hanging out with my friends too.

“Dad means so much to me and I want to spend every moment that I can with him.”

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