No joke: Man discovers his luxury car turned into 'whiteboard' where his kids scribble 'I love papa'

No joke: Man discovers his luxury car turned into 'whiteboard' where his kids scribble 'I love papa'
PHOTO: Screengrab from TikTok/silenthustle68

Most would agree that raising kids is an unenviable task, especially when they get a little out of control.

For TikToker silenthustle68, he discovered 'artwork' from his kids as they doodled on his clean and white luxury sports car which was parked at his home car porch. 

Uploaded on Sunday (Nov 14), the 30-second TikTok video has more than half a million views and 1,800 comments.


On the car bonnet alone, the kids drew pink and purple unicorns bathing under the sun. They also attempted to replicate the four interlocking rings the Audi vehicle is famed for. It is unknown if they were using permanent markers or otherwise.  

You can imagine how he must be feeling.

However, a "I love papa" scribbling showed up on the other side of the hood. This got the internet bawling.

Many TikTok users found it wholesome that the children expressed their love in words, along with hearts and 'xoxo' (hugs and kisses) symbols.

The scribblings on the left door got some netizens thinking that it looked rather artsy — suggesting he consider leaving his car as it is.

One netizen suggested the "I love papa" scribble was simply an attempt from the kids to undo their wrongdoings. 

On Nov 7, a similar video with 81,000 views was circulating online. This time, it was youngsters instead who were pulling out their markers and drawing on a car. The exact date and time of the incident is unconfirmed.

The incident occurred at East Coast Park carpark D3 and it is believed they were 'vandalising' a friend's car before a new paint job.

In 2017, a couple celebrated their 10th anniversary in atypical fashion. The woman had a group of friends come together to 'vandalise' her partner's car before it went to the workshop for a new lick of paint. 

The man's shock lasted mere seconds as his friends jumped out from behind a parked van to surprise him.

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