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Toddler in Malaysia gets nicotine poisoning after consuming vape liquid

Toddler in Malaysia gets nicotine poisoning after consuming vape liquid
PHOTO: Pexels

With flavours like lychee and cotton candy, electronic cigarettes — also known as vapes — have gained popularity with young people globally over the years.

Vaping, however, has also been linked with health issues such as stroke risk in young adults and lung damage, so one can imagine the damage it could inflict on a child.

A two-year-old girl in Pahang is believed to have suffered from acute nicotine poisoning after "inhaling or swallowing liquid from a disposable electronic cigarette device," Malaysia's health ministry said on June 5. 

On May 30, her grandfather found the child — who has no history of chronic illness — coughing and vomiting. Next to the girl laid an electronic cigarette.

As the toddler needed respiratory assistance, she was taken to a hospital's child intensive care unit.

The girl suffered convulsions twice during treatment but her condition has since stabilised and she is breathing without the aid of a respirator, the health ministry said.

While the incident was reported as a probable case of electronic vape associated lung injury, clinical findings did not meet the criteria for the condition.

The child's urine tests also showed high levels of nicotine. 

Besides advising the public against vaping, which is harmful to health, Malaysia's health ministry said that nicotine poisoning due to the use of tobacco or electronic cigarette liquid can cause acute effects such as heart palpitations, vomiting and seizures.

"It can happen to all users, including children. High nicotine effect as well as long-term nicotine exposure, especially to children, will cause brain growth to be affected." 

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