10 cheapest new launch condominiums in 2021 for families

PHOTO: Stackedhomes

Singapore’s property market is on fire right now, despite the Covid-19 situation. Every day we hear more whispers about impending cooling measures, which in turn drives higher sale volumes.

It’s hard for a bargain hunter to catch a break right now; so for homeowners who urgently need a place, here’s a list to help. We’ve compiled the top 10 cheapest new launches with three-bedder condos, ranked by overall recent transacted prices:

For the purposes of this list, we’ve excluded Executive Condominiums (ECs)

ECs are priced lower than fully privatised condominiums, so they’d invariably crowd the top spots. 

The top 10 are based on average prices for three-bedder units, accurate as of May 2021. Note that individual units in certain stacks, or on certain floors, may diverge significantly from the average (e.g., very low or very high floors, or stacks with more desirable facings). 

We have also included the current take-up rate for each, so do consider some of the options below could have limited availability for the units you want.

Cheapest new launch 3-bedroom condos

Project Name Average $PSF Size Average Quantum Last Transacted Price Apr 21 PSF Take-Up Rate
The Jovell $1,197 904 $1,082,337 $1,075,000 $1,189 0.563
Treasure At Tampines $1,301 883 $1,148,542 $1,191,000 $1,349 0.836
Riverfront Residences $1,341 872 $1,169,509 $1,260,000 $1,445 0.973
The Garden Residences $1,583 786 $1,244,418 $1,255,000 $1,597 0.995
Affinity At Serangoon $1,509 850 $1,282,495 $1,341,000 $1,577 0.902
Twin Vew $1,430 904 $1,293,092 $1,400,000 $1,548 0.992
Uptown @ Farrer $1,890 700 $1,323,311 $1,308,000 $1,869 0.233
Whistler Grand $1,387 958 $1,328,774 $1,484,800 $1,550 0.973
Parc Clematis $1,628 829 $1,349,951 $1,350,000 $1,629 0.788
View At Kismis $1,683 807 $1,357,858 $1,347,000 $1,669 0.946

1. The Jovell

Average price / Price PSF: $1,082,337 / $1,197

Unit size: 904 sq. ft.

Location: Flora Drive (District 17)

Developer: Hong Leong Holdings / City Developments Limited

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2021

Number of units: 429

Notable details:

The Jovell does have a couple of things going for it. For one, that massive lagoon-like pool will definitely be a draw for families with kids. This development is only a four-minute drive to Changi Airport, and about a seven-minute drive to Changi City Point.

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This condo is quite inaccessible via public transport. But if you drive, it puts you within range of amenities like Changi Village, the Singapore Expo, or the Changi Jewel.

(If you’re just buying to rent, look at the one and two-bedders first; these make up the bulk of the unit mix).

Three-bedroom 904 sq. ft. 
PHOTO: The Jovell Condo


  • Enclosed kitchen
  • Big balcony (can be a con depending on what you prioritise)


  • No yard area
  • Odd placement of master bedroom

2. Treasure At Tampines

Average price / Price PSF: $1,148,542 / $1,301

Unit size: 883 sq. ft.

Location: Tampines Lane (District 18)

Developer: Sim Lian Group Limited

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2023

Number of units: 2,203

Notable details:

We have a full review of Treasure at Tampines on Stacked.

Treasure at Tampines is the largest non-landed private residential project in Singapore, with 2,203. As you’d expect from mega-developments, this means an affordable price point, and lower maintenance fees. Facilities are also quite extensive, another trait of mega-developments.

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Unfortunately, there’s no MRT station within convenient walking distance. But Tampines Hub, with its cluster of malls and offices, is only about a five-minute drive away. Overall, this is one of the most affordably priced condos in Singapore right now; if you don’t mind the large number of neighbours.

Three-bedroom 883 sq. ft. 
PHOTO: Treasure At Tampines


  • Mostly efficient layout
  • Good placement of AC ledge
  • Both bathrooms have windows for natural ventilation


  • Open kitchen concept not great for families
  • No yard

3. Riverfront Residences

Average price / Price PSF: $1,169,509 / $1,341

Unit size: 872 sq. ft.

Location: Hougang Avenue 7 (District 19)

Developer: Rio Casa Venture Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2024

Number of units: 1,478

Notable details:

This was the former Rio Casa. As the new name implies, this mega-development fronts the Serangoon River. While it’s not near an MRT station, it is close to three schools (Punggol Primary, CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity, and Holy Innocents); all of these are within a 12-minute walk.

If you drive, Hougang Mall is only about four minutes away, and you get to Punggol Waterway Point in about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, this development is not too accessible via public transport (there’s only one bus service, 112, which stops near this condo).

Three-bedroom 872 sq. ft.
PHOTO: Riverfront Residences


  • Kitchen can be enclosed
  • Efficient interior space


  • Bathrooms have no natural ventilation
  • AC ledge straddling both common bedrooms

4. The Garden Residences

Average price / Price PSF: $1,244,418 / $1,583

Unit size: 786 sq. ft.

Location: Serangoon North View 7 (District 19)

Developer: Keppel Land / Wing Tai

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2021

Number of units: 613

Notable details:

The Garden Residences isn’t accessible via public transport, but it is just five minutes’ drive to NEX. Chomp Chomp Food Centre, which is more or less the lifestyle hub of the area, is also around the same distance.

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The inaccessibility will be rectified with the opening of the Serangoon North MRT station – this will be located about five minutes away from this development.

The trade-off is that you’ll have to wait a long time; the new MRT station is only expected to open in 2029. But coupled with the currently low quantum and good proximity to NEX, that’s when buyers are likely to see their pay-off.

This development is very close to Affinity at Serangoon (see below).

Three-bedroom 786 sq. ft.
PHOTO: The Garden Residences


  • Enclosed kitchen
  • Natural ventilation for the bathrooms


  • Very small third bedroom, only for single bed
  • No yard

5. Affinity At Serangoon

Average price / Price PSF: $1,282,495 / $1,509

Unit size: 850 sq. ft.

Location: Serangoon North Avenue 1 (District 19)

Developer: Oxley Holdings / Lian Beng Group / Apricot Capital / KSH Holdings / Heeton Holdings

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2024

Number of units: 1,057

Notable details:

Buyers looking to live near the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre area typically consider Affinity at Serangoon, or the smaller but more private Garden Residences (see above).

This development is only about 400 metres from Garden Residences, so it shares the same advantages and drawbacks in location.

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However, Affinity at Serangoon is a mega-development, which does allow more space for facilities. It will also keep maintenance costs lower; and you’ll notice its prices significantly lower than Garden Residences on a strict PSF basis. The downside, of course, is more future competition for resale, and less privacy.

Choosing between these two will come down to a preference for smaller or bigger developments.

Three-bedroom 850 sq. ft. 
PHOTO: Affinity At Serangoon


  • Efficient layout
  • Little wasted space
  • Both bathrooms have windows for natural ventilation


  • Open kitchen (you can enclose if you wish)
  • No yard

6. Twin VEW

Average price / Price PSF: $1,293,092 / $1,430

Unit size: 904 sq. ft.

Location: West Coast Vale (District 05)

Developer: China Construction Development Co. Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2022

Number of units: 520

Notable details:

We have a full review of Twin VEW on Stacked.

Do you want a Bukit Timah-like environment, with waterfront views? Then Twin VEW will give you that, at a fraction of the cost. The location of this condo has the exclusivity and privacy of much higher-end counterparts, the quiet areas of Bukit Timah or Dempsey.

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However, this is not the right condo if you want a high degree of accessibility. There are no “across the road” amenities, and no nearby MRT station; so this is strictly a property for those who don’t mind driving or using PHVs a lot.

This condo is adjacent to Whistler Grand (see below).

Three-room 904 sq. ft. 
PHOTO: Twin VEW Condo


  • Bigger kitchen space


  • Wasted long entrance walkway
  • Odd open kitchen concept
  • No windows for bathrooms

7. Uptown @ Farrer

Average price / Price PSF: $1,323,311 / $1,890

Unit size: 700 sq. ft.

Developer: Perumal Development Pte. Ltd.

Location: Perumal Road (District 08)

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2021

Number of units: 116

Notable details:

To get straight to the point: are you willing to trade a large chunk of living space, for a central location at around $1.3 million? If the answer is no, move on to the next list entry.

Otherwise, Uptown @ Farrer is located just 160 metres away from Farrer Park MRT station. This puts you in the heart of Little India, and you can walk to Mustafa Centre in about four minutes.

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This is really the whole selling point of this development – you’re not going to find many cheaper private options (barring a desperate resale condo seller) in an area this strong.

Unit size is the sticky issue – the three-bedders in question are 700 sq. ft. Some buyers will insist this is really a two-bedder, and hence not truly “family-sized”. Still, some smaller families may not mind. Do note the small size of the third bedroom, it really is only fit for a single bed and not much else.

Three-bedroom 700 sq. ft. 
PHOTO: Uptown @ Farrer


  • As efficient as it can get for 700 sqft
  • Windows for both bathrooms


  • Tiny third common bedrooms
  • Small kitchen/living/dining
  • Bomb shelter takes up a lot of space in an already very compact unit

8. Whistler Grand

Average price / Price PSF: $1,328,774 / $1,387

Note that the dual-key three-bedders are not significantly more expensive, averaging $1,328,774, or $1,356 psf.

Unit size: 958 sq. ft.

Location: West Coast Value (District 05)

Developer: CDL Pegasus Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2022

Number of units: 716

Notable details:

This condo is adjacent to Twin VEW (see above), and shares the same advantages or drawbacks in terms of location.

That said, Whistler Grand offers some of the largest three-bedders on this list. One notable fact is that the dual-key versions are not much more expensive, which makes them ideal if you want to live with parents, siblings, or other extended family arrangements.

(If you don’t know what a dual-key unit is, check out this article we wrote to explain it).

Three-bedroom 958 sq. ft. 
PHOTO: Whistler Grand​​​​​


  • Well-sized
  • Bathrooms have windows for ventilation
  • Enclosed kitchen with window


  • Long entranceway
  • No yard

9. Parc Clematis

Average price / Price PSF: $1,349,951 / $1,628

Unit size: 829 sq. ft.

Location: Jalan Lempeng (District 05)

Developer: Sing Haiyi Gold

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2023

Number of units: 1,468

Notable details:

We have a full review of Parc Clematis on Stacked.

Parc Clematis mainly appeals to families who work or study in the One-North tech hub. This area also provides access to schools like ESSEC and INSEAD. NUS is just a seven-minute drive from this development.

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Parc Clematis is also notable for its generous common facilities, such as having three lap pools in addition to a giant central lagoon, and a good range of pavilions and gardens; it feels more like a whole town centre rather than a single development.

However, 1,468 units is a lot, and this is one of the larger mega-developments on the market. Buyers worried about future competition for resale, or who just don’t like having that many neighbours, will see less appeal.

Three bedroom 829 sq. ft.
PHOTO: Parc Clematis


  • Efficient layout with more interior space because of lack of balcony
  • Enclosed kitchen with window
  • Both bathrooms have a window for ventilation


  • No outdoor space at all (for dying clothes)

10. View At Kismis

Average price / Price PSF: $1,357,858 / $1,669

Unit size: 807 sq. ft.

Location: Lorong Kismis (District 21)

Developer: Roxy-TE2 Development Pte Ltd

Lease: 99-years

Completion: 2023

Number of units: 186

Notable details:

This is considered quite a small development, especially in today’s context. It isn’t the closest walk to the MRT station, plus it is unsheltered most of the way as well. That said, the Downtown Line is definitely a very useful addition to an area that didn’t even have an MRT station for the longest time.

What will probably attract buyers here would be those looking for a more exclusive and quiet environment to live. In this neck of the woods, the development is surrounded by low-rise apartments and landed homes – so it is quite a draw for those looking for peace and quiet.

Three-bedroom 807 sq. ft. 
PHOTO: View At Kismis


  • Dumbbell layout affords occupants more privacy
  • Jack and jill for common bathroom
  • Enclosed kitchen
  • Efficient use of space


  • No window for kitchen
  • No yard

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Ultimately, don’t limit yourself to just new launch developments, resale properties can sometimes be a better bet – you’d just need to spend more time to research.

In addition, you’ll want monthly recurring costs – including the mortgage repayment – to be at no more than 30 per cent of your monthly income.

We know that’s a bit restrictive, but it pays to be prudent in a Covid-19 environment.

Hopefully, you can find something above that matches your budget.

This article was first published in Stackedhomes.