6 possible Cross Island Line MRT stations and condominiums that might benefit

6 possible Cross Island Line MRT stations and condominiums that might benefit
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The Cross Island Line (CRL), once completed, will span a whopping 58 kilometres. It’s a huge boon to the Singapore private property market, as some condos that are currently inaccessible will now have MRT access.

This includes some older resale units, that may have been overlooked up till now. Here are some of the projects that we feel may benefit:

Cross Island Line, Phase Two (West Section)

The Cross Island Line begins in Changi, runs through Pasir Ris, Hougang, and Clementi, and terminates at Jurong Industrial Estate. This means it’s mostly an east-to-west service; but note that the CRL is actually longer than even the East-West Line (EWL) by about two kilometres. When complete, it will be the longest MRT line ever built.

Here are some of the condos that will benefit as the stations open, in Phase two construction (west end of the line).

1. Eng Neo/Fairways CRL MRT Station

This means the loss of Turf City, and the restaurants/market at the Grandstand. It would be nice if residents of the area didn’t have to trade one amenity for another (Turf City was about more than sports; it also had a steamboat place, a supermarket, childcare facilities, etc.)

A request for lease extension has been made for Turf City; but regardless, it has to make way for the MRT at some point. We foresee that the MRT construction will take priority, and should be near completion – if not finished – before other redevelopments in the area.

It’s worth noting that the loss of Turf City may be an overall negative for some residents living nearby; especially since the people living here mostly have private transport, and don’t need the MRT anyway. Perhaps some other lifestyle venue will replace Turf City, in the years to come.

2. King Albert Park CRL MRT Station

King Albert Park (KAP) has recovered poorly from March 2014, when it stopped being a popular student hang-out. The commercial portion of the new mixed-use development here has been quite dead, and we understand there are still no takers for the supermarket space.

Perhaps this upcoming change will make up for it: King Albert Park station will be an interchange, connecting to the Downtown Line (DTL). This will be a notable plus for nearby residents, giving them access to two train lines.

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Note that any GLS sites in or around the Holland Plains housing enclave will also be an easy sell; so developments here will benefit from this as well.

King Albert Park station will be an interchange station with the existing DTL KAP station. We also foresee GLS will be released in Holland Plains enclave hence these developments will benefit from the upcoming GLS as well.

Resale condos in the vicinity

Condo Tenure Price ($psf) Rental yield
Casa Esperanza Freehold $1.484 psf 2.3 per cent
The Blossomvale 999-years $1,608 psf 2.0 per cent
KAP Residences Freehold $1,801 psf 2.5 per cent
Jardin Freehold $1,574 psf 2.5 per cent
Gardenvista 99-years $1,459 psf 2.7 per cent
Floridian Freehold $1,915 psf 2.3 per cent
Maple woods Freehold $1,762 psf 1.9 per cent

New launch condos in the vicinity

Condo Tenure Price
Mayfair Modern 99-years $2,043psf
Mayfair gardens 99-years $1,915psf

3. Maju CRL MRT Station

Right now, there’s a lot of jungle here (it’s relatively close to Maju Camp), so MRT construction will probably happen before any redevelopment.

This area has long been known for inaccessibility; but that’s not always a disadvantage, as some residents purposely want the seclusion and greenery. Hopefully, the MRT station won’t disrupt this too much, for this batch of residents.

We see Ki Residences as the main beneficiary here; once Brookvale Avenue Road opens and connects to Clementi Road:

Condo Tenure Price
Ki Residences 999-years $1,779psf

4. Clementi CRL MRT Station

The existing Clementi MRT station will become an interchange, connecting the CRL and EWL.

To date, three HDB blocks (Block 321-323) here have gone en-bloc; and residents have moved out. We think it’s likely that this empty plot will be used to facilitate the construction of the Clementi CRL Station.

Clementi has already seen a strong pick-up in recent years. It’s already a bit of a rental hotspot, given its proximity to educational institutes; access to two train lines ought to support further demand.

Given how much prices have climbed in Clementi over the past two to three years, it’s likely that MRT improvements have already been factored into the asking prices.

Resale condos in the vicinity

Condo Tenure Price ($psf) Rental yield
Regent Park 99-years $1,026psf 3.2 per cent
The Trilinq 99-years $1,533psf 3.1 per cent
The Parc Condo Freehold $1,366psf 2.7 per cent
Hundred Trees 956-years $1,396psf 2.9 per cent
The Clement Canopy 99-years $1,594psf 3.2 per cent

New launch condos in the vicinity

Condo Tenure Price ($psf)
Parc Clematis 99-years $1,656psf
Clavon 99-years $1,624psf

5. West Coast CRL MRT Station

This station will make two groups of people happy:

Workers in Pandan Loop Industrial Estate, which has relatively poor public transport access, and the landlords catering to them. In fact, existing tenants might want to brace for their rental rates to go up (it could be a good time to quickly lock in your current rate if you rent here, with a longer lease).

Resale condos in the vicinity

Condo Tenure Price ($psf) Rental yield
Monterey Park Condominium 999-years $1,281psf 2.5 per cent
The Botannia 956-years $1,268psf 2.8 per cent
The Carabelle 956-years $,1328psf 2.7 per cent
The Infiniti Freehold $1,173psf 2.6 per cent
Parc Riviera 99-years $1,406psf 3.4 per cent
NeWest 956-years $931psf 4.8 per cent

New launch condos in the vicinity

Condo Tenure Price ($psf)
Twin Vew 99-years $1,598psf
Whistler Grand 99-years $1,550psf

6. Jurong Town Hall CRL MRT Station

The Jurong Town Hall plot was expected to be part of the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR). This has now been cancelled. To date, we’ve found no information on how the area will be used.

It’s likely, given its proximity to so much housing, that the government will aim at providing more day-to-day amenities. We’d expect the usual cluster of shops and eateries, but there may be room for further residential development too (perhaps another mixed-use development).

Plans for MRT construction will likely go ahead as well, connecting to the CRL in the next phase.

The Cross Island Line will be the eighth train line and add 30 more stations to the MRT network

At this point, MRT stations may soon go the way of bus stops in the 1980’s, when it comes to adding property value (i.e., way back in the 1980’s and before, it was a big deal to have a bus stop/interchange close to your home. But eventually, there were so many bus stops and routes, the impact on value was diminished).

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It’s increasingly likely that, in the next two decades, almost every condo will have an MRT station nearby. The differentiating factor, at that point, will probably be how many MRT lines you have nearby. Interchanges like Clementi, which will provide access to both the CRL and EWL, are likely to be the next big thing.

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