$12m Toto Hong Bao Draw: Queue goes around whole floor in this mall

$12m Toto Hong Bao Draw: Queue goes around whole floor in this mall
PHOTO: Stomp

It has become an annual Chinese New Year tradition in Singapore along with reunion dinners, lo hei and paying too much for bak kwa.

Many are once again forming epic queues for their chance to win the Toto Hong Bao Draw.

This year, the top prize is $12 million.

Stomp contributor J shared a video of people queueing at the Singapore Pools outlet on the third floor of Lot One Shoppers Mall in Choa Chu Kang on Wednesday (Feb 1) at 4.50pm.

"The queue went around the whole floor," said the Stomp contributor. "It was so long that it almost circled back to Singapore Pools."

She added: "Good thing I'm not a gambler."

Meaning she did not join the queue.

Long queues for Toto were elsewhere in Singapore too as evidenced by videos online.

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The draw will be held at the Singapore Pools Building in Middle Road on Friday (Feb 3) at 9.30pm.

Last year's $19.4 million draw had eight winning tickets, one of which was an iToto bet that was shared by more than one punter.

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