17-year-old Singaporean dies after he and girlfriend get flung off rented motorbike in Malaysia

PHOTO: Lianhe Wanbao

To celebrate his upcoming 18th birthday, a teenager rented a motorcycle and brought his girlfriend for a spin in Kukup, Malaysia, but died after an accident at 1.30pm on Friday (May 4).

Both Mr Chen Shao Wen and his girlfriend were thrown off the motorcycle after the former lost control, causing the vehicle to overturn, reports Lianhe Wanbao. 

They later took a Grab car to a hospital in Johor Bahru, where he was found to be bleeding internally. 

Sixteen hours after an emergency surgery, Mr Chen was pronounced dead. 

Mr Chen, a private student at PSB Academy is survived by two elder brothers.

One of his brothers, Mr Chen Shao Wei, 36, told reporters that his younger brother would be turning 18 in two weeks' time.

He had not informed family members that he was going to Malaysia with his girlfriend to celebrate. 

He said: "According to his girlfriend, the two of them went to Johor and took a Grab ride to Kukup.

After reaching, Mr Chen rented a motorcycle and brought his girlfriend around for a spin.

However, he subsequently lost control of the bike, causing it to overturn. 

Mr Chen's brother said that this could be due to him riding at a fast speed despite being unfamiliar with the roads. 

He also said that his brother does not have a motorbike licence.

He added: "After the accident, my brother and his girlfriend called for a Grab car at Kukup and went to the Columbia Asia Hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

"It took about three hours and they reached at about 6pm in the evening.

"At that time, my brother's condition started to deteriorate, and he was very weak.

"They immediately sent him for a medical check-up."

Mr Chen was discovered to be suffering from internal bleeding, and his liver was damaged as well. 

He needed immediate surgery, but he was not yet an adult, the hospital needed consent from one. 

Realising the urgency of the situation, the Grab driver volunteered to be his guarantor, staking his house and car. 

Said Mr Chen's brother: "When we received word from my brother's girlfriend, we rushed down to the hospital immediately.

"My brother was unconscious after the operation and pronounced dead on Saturday morning at 11.50am."

Mr Chen funeral will be held on Wednesday (May 9)  at the void deck of Block 327 Anchorvale Road.

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