2 friends have found the $100,000 'mouse' in Hougang

2 friends have found the $100,000 'mouse' in Hougang

[Update, Jan 15]:

The mouse has been found after more than a month. And by mouse, we mean $100,000.

In a Facebook post on Jan 15, the people behind this year's Hunt The Mouse campaign wrote that two 'hunters' have successfully uncovered the gold coin that leads to the grand prize.

Wrote the organisers on Facebook page Sqkii where clues were shared: "It is official! The mouse has finally been found by two hunters by the name of Shafiq, 21, and Wesley, 30."

They also shared a video which was recorded when they first planted the coin "under a tree beside lamp post No. 12 at Jalan Naung" on Dec 13.

What's sweeter than that? It appears the winners have decided to split the cash with seven others who helped them in their quest.


The grand bounty may be gone but Sqkii reminded treasure seekers that there are still three silver coins worth $1,000 each to be found. 

- Additional reporting by Candice Cai

[Original article, Dec 13]:

Singapore, $100,000 is hidden somewhere by the same guys who hid $50,000 last year

What's better than hide-and-seek?

Hide-and-seek for cash, of course.

The people behind the $50,000 hunt last August that scattered Singaporeans all over the island have announced their latest Hunt The Mouse campaign.

Launched today (Dec 13), the bounty is twice as much this time, at $100,000.

The "mouse" refers to a gold coin, which when found can be exchanged for the prize. They obviously did not stash stacks of cash somewhere waiting to be looted.

Clues to the coin's location will be given every day on the organiser Sqkii's Facebook page.

There are also silver coins worth $1,000 each to be found.

Photo: Reddit

A poem accompanied the game's launch:

More often than not,
you give me a shock.
I know how hard you fought,
to become an astronaut,
so while deep in thought,
don't forget the moon shot.
As I slumber in my spot,
I must not, must not,
be caught with an apricot.

Given how viral the previous challenge became, with an estimated 210,000 participants, organisers remind the public this time that the coin is not underwater, underground, at height or on private grounds.

Last year's treasure hunt, which was sponsored by OCBC Bank, ended in 23 days when a 46-year-old Mr Ting discovered the coin under a lamp post near Marina South Pier.

Back then, participants could also purchase more clues at Sqkii's merchant partners.

It is yet unknown whether this year's game is sponsored.

Despite the success last time around, many netizens have panned the gimmick so far.

"Jasonhanjk" wrote, "99 per cent of the clues are rubbish. Not joining this rubbish game. Have to spend money on clues but actually worthless," while "lampano" added, "Not going to take the bait. End of the day, they will have excuse and reasons behind their errors."

Still, the free money is expected to turn many wild.

"Taking MC to find coin nao [sic]!" wrote a "Dr-Vijay".

Photo: Facebook/Sqkii

Corrections: Hunt The Mouse started today, not yesterday. Participants purchased more clues last year at Sqkii's merchant partners, not via its app.


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