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$3 extra: Surcharge hike for taxi rides from Changi Airport to continue till June 30

$3 extra: Surcharge hike for taxi rides from Changi Airport to continue till June 30
PHOTO: sgCarMart

Planning your next holiday already?

Be prepared to continue to pay for the taxi ride back home, if you're returning from Changi Airport, that is.

Both Comfort DelGro Taxi and Strides Taxi have published on their Facebook pages that they intend to maintain a temporary fare surcharge until June 30, 2023.

This means that rides originating from Changi Airport, Changi Air Freight Centre, Airport Police Station, as well as Airport Logistics Park of Singapore from 5pm to 11.59pm will continue to see an $8 surcharge being applied.

A $5 surcharge will be applied at all other times.

Rides originating from the Singapore Zoo, River Wonder, and Night Safari attractions from 4pm to 11.59pm meanwhile, will also continue to retain a $3 surcharge.

Both brands also announced that they will be extending the temporary hike for the distance-based component of their fares.

This means that those that flag down regular taxis will be facing an additional $0.25 for every additional 400m travelled on their journey, for the first 10km.

An additional $0.25 will also be charged for every additional 350m on every trip, after the first 10km.

Those that flag down premium taxis, meanwhile, will face an additional $0.34 fare increase for the same additional distances travelled.

Strides Taxi states in its Facebook post that the retainment of the temporary fare hikes are necessary to allow its Drivers to cope with the continued increase in fuel and electricity prices.

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This article was first published in sgCarMart.

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