'5 bikes racing towards us': Couple left with stitches and bruises after run-in with cyclists at East Coast Park

'5 bikes racing towards us': Couple left with stitches and bruises after run-in with cyclists at East Coast Park
PHOTO: Lianhe Wanbao

What started as a leisurely evening bike ride for one couple ended in a visit to the hospital after they were allegedly knocked down by a group of speeding cyclists.

A 27-year-old man is currently assisting with investigations in a case of rash act causing hurt which took place in the vicinity of East Coast Park Service Road Carpark F3 on Sunday (Nov 8) at about 5.16pm, the police said.

The couple, both 52, had gone to the park that day to cycle, the husband told Lianhe Wanbao.

After cycling along the Park Connector Network (PCN) for over an hour on their rented bicycles, the pair reached the end of the path and were turning around when they were faced with an alarming sight.

"When we turned around to cycle back, five bicycles were racing towards us at high speed," the wife recounted to the Chinese evening daily.

The five cyclists were travelling side by side, forming a single line, she added.

"The first bicycle was able to avoid me in time, but the second one hit me. My husband, who was riding behind me, was also knocked down."

She was reportedly sent flying from her bicycle and briefly lost consciousness, while her husband sustained bruises on his leg.

"After my wife fell, her head was bleeding non-stop. A passerby saw the situation and quickly called an ambulance," the husband added.

The woman was conscious when she was sent to Changi General Hospital, police confirmed.

She had to receive five stitches on her head and was discharged the next day.

However, she is still suffering from a headache and a lack of appetite, the husband said.

According to a cleaner who works along the stretch, it is common to see cyclists passing by that stretch at high speed.

"Especially on the weekends, they come in groups. There are children and elderly here. The cyclists are too fast. they really shouldn't cycle at such high speeds here."

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