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Angmoh TikToker sends internet reeling with super authentic Singaporean accent

Angmoh TikToker sends internet reeling with super authentic Singaporean accent
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/daizamazze

Hot on the heels of Mandarin and Hokkien-speaking 'Indian' dude is another internet sensation. This angmoh lady spews Singlish so legit, she sounds just like our favourite hawker aunties.

In a video uploaded to TikTok on Sunday (Feb 21), UK-born Daisy Anne addressed one burning question: "If you're from Singapore, why are you white?"

Insert local expletive here.

"Who say cannot ah! Your mader issit," she turned to the camera to ask with a full-on Singaporean attitude and accent, a complete 180° change from her initial soft-spoken demeanour and American accent.


Reply to @cryinanime added some spicy closed captions too ☺️✨ also PLEASE STOP COMMENTING ON MY TEETH LMAO

♬ kanina but British - daisy

She asked if they thought she went to school and sang the national anthem for fun, even reciting the opening lines for good measure.

And like any other local, she doesn't miss out on the opportunity to include a drawn-out "Walao eh" to express the sheer absurdity of the question.

She revealed in another video that she moved to Singapore at the age of six and attended local schools.

Though she initially had a thick British accent, she eventually adapted, having a creolised American and Singlish accent in order for her classmates to understand her.

Needless to say, she definitely won the approval of the internet, with netizens pouring heaps of praise onto her comment section.

In fact, someone pointed out how she sounds exactly like the MRT aunty. Perhaps it's a matter of time before she gives us her best Phua Chu Kang impression, the S hook lady, or even an army encik?

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