Artist found dead in her bungalow swimming pool cremated Sunday night

Ms Nancy Gan - artist, socialite and philanthropist - was cremated Sunday evening at Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium, after a two-day wake in Mount Vernon Sanctuary.

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According to Lianhe Wanbao on Sunday, family members of Ms Gan are still in shock over the incident.

Said one relative who was interviewed: "We have never met the maid before, she was just here for 9 days, everyone is puzzled as to what happened.

"Although she (Ms Gan) can be a bit loud at times, she is a nice person."

The New Paper reported that Madam Gan had a privileged upbringing.

The daughter of a commander grew up in Hong Kong and never had to step into the kitchen. "She didn't know how to cook when she met her husband," Ms Yan said. "But she became known for hosting dinners at home for ambassadors' wives."

Madam Gan's younger brother Richard called her "an extremely nice and charitable person". 

According to Shin Min Daily News, Ms Gan's second husband, former Hong Kong Legislative Council politician Hilton Cheong-leen, was spotted attending the wake.

Ms Gan's 23-year-old Indonesian maid, Dewi Suko Wati, has been charged with her murder and has been remanded for psychiatric assessment.