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Auntie suffers bloody head injury after seat in Eunos coffee shop flips over

Auntie suffers bloody head injury after seat in Eunos coffee shop flips over
PHOTO: The New Paper

A screw came undone and a seat flipped over, bringing with it its elderly occupant.

The sudden loss of ground beneath the victim sent her falling backwards before she hit her head against the seat behind her.

The impact was so strong that it left Hui Khuan Heng, who is in her 60s, bleeding from a 5cm-long gash on the back of her head, The New Paper reported. 

The incident occurred yesterday morning (Nov 16) at Yong Li Coffee Station, located along Eunos Crescent Blk 1A.

A 66-year-old man who identified himself as Hui's friend, told Shin Min Daily News, "The screw somehow loosened and the seat suddenly flipped. She couldn't react in time. Her entire person fell backwards and her head hit the seat behind her with a loud sound."

He shared a photo too, showing a pile of blood-soaked tissues on the floor.

According to another witness, several passers-by on the scene immediately rushed forward to help Hui. Some tried to help her up, while others gave her tissues to staunch her bleeding.

An ambulance was called and she was transferred to Changi General Hospital.

Speaking with the Chinese daily, Hui's husband said their son accompanied her to the hospital. 

She was sent home around 2pm the same day after she received three stitches.

Both husband and son told reporters they hoped the coffee shop would take responsibility for the incident.

The manager of the coffee shop told The New Paper the premise was just renovated last February and the benches were only about 10 months old. 

"We hope [the victim] will be fine and we will reach out and communicate with her to discuss what can be done and how we can compensate her," he added. "We will be more strict in checking the work done by the contractors to make sure it is safe." 

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