Best times to deposit money on 'auspicious' Li Chun this year

If you're born in the year of the Pig, you might want to note that the most auspicious time to deposit money in the bank this year is from 1pm to 2.59pm on Feb 4. 

This date, known as Li Chun, marks the beginning of spring in the Chinese lunar calendar.

But don't fret, there are other less auspicious but still favourable times to bank in your money throughout the day. Different Chinese zodiac animals will have specific auspicious timings to make deposits as well.

At least three such timetables have been released online so far, more than a month in advance of the first day of Chinese New Year, which falls on Feb 16 this year.

Many Singaporeans believe that depositing money into their bank accounts on Li Chun day will help boost one's wealth and prosperity for the rest of the year, and long queues usually form at cash deposit machines and banks islandwide on the day.

Aside from banking in money, Li Chun is also associated with a number of other traditions. It is said that those who manage to balance an egg will be guaranteed good fortune.

However, some say the idea of 'lucky deposits' on Li Chun is a myth.

Whatever the case is, perhaps it's worth remembering that for some of us, simply having money to bank in may already make you luckier than most.

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