BlueSG car spotted in Woodlands Checkpoint - can go Johor meh?

BlueSG car spotted in Woodlands Checkpoint - can go Johor meh?
BlueSG car spotted in Woodlands Checkpoint.
PHOTO: PHOTO: Facebook/BlueSG Users Group/Noh Raihan

A BlueSG electric car that was spotted in Woodlands Checkpoint recently had some netizens quite puzzled, questioning if one can actually drive these cars across the Causeway. 

This picture, which was posted on Facebook on Monday (April 4) night, was shared on the Facebook pages of both BlueSG Users Group and SG Road Vigilante

One netizen asked if it's an offence to drive to Johor and "will the person get fine?"

Another suggested that perhaps, the BlueCar was driven and parked there by an employee from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

Other netizens found the situation humorous, poking fun at the need to recharge these electric BlueCars.

As for the question of whether you can rent a BlueCar to drive into Johor Bahru to grab some groceries, the short answer is no, according to their website. 

Leaving Singapore — and the BlueSG Zone — is in direct violation of the terms and conditions of BlueSG where the driver can incur a $500 penalty on top of any towing fees that may arise.

For more in-depth details, have a look at BlueSG's terms and conditions

However, that doesn't mean that all car sharing services and car rental firms here share the same policy.

Tribecar and Drive lah allow entry into Malaysia - although there are limitations based on their terms and conditions and how each service operates.

Therefore, do check the terms and conditions of that car rental or sharing services before planning the next trip into Johor Bahru.

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