Breaking house arrest? Grab driver finds cut electronic ankle tag in car

PHOTO: Facebook/Fyzal Anwerbag

Dealing with miscellaneous items left in their vehicles may be all in a day's work for many Grab drivers. But one driver found himself in a bit of a spot thanks to an unusual find — a cut electronic ankle tag.

The tag, which resembles the devices issued to those serving Home Detention Orders (HDOs), had been left under a seat in his car, Fyzal Anwerbag shared in a Facebook post on Tuesday (Oct 20).

Warning other private-hire drivers, he wrote, "Please, please check your car every time you finish your shift.

"Someone left this discreetly under my seat and I had to go through a hassle to return it to the police station."

He had only stumbled upon the ankle tag on Monday (Oct 19) when he was searching the vehicle for his misplaced Shell Fuel Loyalty card, Fyzal recounted.

"If my Shell card [was] not lost, I would be happily driving around without noticing [the tag]."

Fyzal ended up reporting the matter at Jurong West Neighbourhood Police Centre and spending over three hours there, he said.

He is not certain when the item was left in his car, he told Mothership, adding that the last time he drove his car was Oct 16.

Electronic ankle tags are used to monitor the whereabouts of offenders under HDOs.

Those under HDOs are essentially on house arrest and are required to observe curfews. Tampering with their electronic ankle tag or removing it is prohibited.

Offenders who breach their HDOs may be required to serve their remaining sentence in prison.

AsiaOne has reached out to the police and Singapore Prison Service for more information.