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'Broke' but FOMO Singaporeans share how to catch F1 live without paying

'Broke' but FOMO Singaporeans share how to catch F1 live without paying
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Iamsabrinasim

The Singapore Grand Prix is back this weekend after a two-year pandemic hiatus, but get ready to pay up if you want a first-person view of all the thrill under the bright lights.

With ticket prices starting at $98 and can go for up to $9,898 for the luxury hospitality packages, watching the Formula One (F1) drivers put pedal to the metal can seriously burn a hole in your pocket.

But these 'broke' race fans have found an ingenious way to catch F1 live without paying for it.

Lamenting how she was suffering from FOMO (the fear of missing out), TikTok user Iamsabrinasim shared how several like-minded folks gathered outside the Asian Civilisations Museum during a F1 practise session yesterday (Sept 30) afternoon.

While the towering barricades appeared to quash any hope of watching the race from afar, a few of them were seen catching a glimpse of the action through the slight gaps and by using the camera function of their mobile phones.

"Point of view - no money to go for F1," Iamsabrinasim said, grinning on camera in the 20-second video.


In the comments, several netizens were amazed by this life hack.

"Genius," a netizen said, while Iamsabrinasim described it as how "desperate times call for desperate measures."

Other netizens, on the other hand, were less than impressed by this "cheapo move". 

But for those who are looking to try their luck, the TikTok user said that it does come with a caveat.

"After that, [the] security shooed us away. Sad," Iamsabrinasim lamented.

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