Bus captain not dozing off at the wheel, he has neck pains: SBS Transit

A bus captain who was filmed "dozing off" at the wheel was actually not falling asleep, said SBS Transit in response to a Stomp query.

Many Stomp contributors had alerted Stomp to a video clip that was circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook, concerned that the "snoozing" bus driver could endanger the lives of commuters.

The 25-second-long video clip was first posted on Facebook on Monday (May 7).

Following an investigation, SBS concluded that the bus captain could not have been falling asleep, as he kept to his lane, slowed down when approaching bus stops, stopped safely behind other vehicles, and even conducted a right turn safely during the trip.

Ms Tan said that the bus captain merely had neck pains which caused him to 'bend more than normal', but he is medically fit to drive.

Read the statement:

"We have identified the Bus Captain (BC) in the video and conducted an investigation into the incident.

"While the video seems to suggest that our BC was dozing off at the wheel, our findings based on the CCTV footage from the bus reveals that this was not the case.

"Throughout the time he was on the road, the BC kept to his lane, slowed down when approaching bus stops and also stopped safely behind other buses or vehicles. He also conducted a right turn safely during the trip.

"All these would not have been possible had he been dozing off at the wheel.

"The BC in question does however have neck pains which causes him to bend more than normal but this did not affect his driving ability.

"He has been medically certified fit to drive. We assure our commuters that dozing off while driving is not something we take lightly and will not hesitate to take action against any BC found doing so."