'Can go out meh?' Covid-19-positive man takes MRT, sparks online debate

'Can go out meh?' Covid-19-positive man takes MRT, sparks online debate
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Kpherluke

Is it irresponsible behaviour or a case of adhering to Covid-19 rules?

A man named Khristopher posted a TikTok video on Wednesday (Feb 2) showing him taking the MRT while asking: "Covid positive can go out meh?"


Khristopher said in his earlier videos that he had self-isolated for seven days after he tested positive for Covid-19 on Jan 25.

In another video titled Day Six of Covid-19, he wrote: "I'm still positive even though no symptoms, no reunion dinner for me. I will discharge (myself) from self-isolation tomorrow anyway!"

The clip of him riding the train, however, sparked a debate online as some netizens criticised him for being "selfish" and others said that he should be more socially responsible.

Several people pointed out that according to the health ministry's guidelines, Khristopher is allowed to go out as he had completed the isolation period of seven days. This applies to fully vacinnated individuals who are asymptomatic.

On Jan 21, the multi-ministry task force announced that the maximum isolation period for fully vaccinated individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19 has been reduced from 10 days to seven days.

This change is due to the shorter infectious period of the Omicron variant.

For those who fall under Protocol 2, they have to perform an antigen rapid test by themselves and isolate for 72 hours. They can only go out after they test negative for Covid-19.

The health ministry said: "These arrangements have worked well in ensuring that medical resources go to those who need them the most, and enabling patients to return to normal activity as soon as possible once it is safe for them to do so."

In another TikTok video on Thursday (Feb 3), Khristopher reiterated that he had completed seven days of self-isolation.

Adding that his "controversial" video is meant to educate people on the current Covid-19 guidelines, he said: "Economy needs to move on. We have to go back to work."


On Wednesday, Singapore saw 3,101 new Covid-19 cases as well as a death from the disease.


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