Can unvaccinated people go for staycation? Here's what we learnt from Ong Ye Kung and Lawrence Wong's Covid-19 Q&A video

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Unvaccinated people can "definitely still continue" with their staycation in hotels but they will not be able to enter a restaurant in these premises, Finance Minister Lawrence Wong said.

Sitting next to Health Minister Ong Ye Kung, the co-chairs of Singapore's multi-ministry task force answered questions about the new Covid-19 protocols for the unvaccinated — in a video shared on Facebook page on Tuesday (Oct 12).

Besides understanding that unvaccinated hotel guests are only allowed to dine in their rooms, here is what we have learnt from the Q&A video.

1. Flexibility for unvaccinated parents to bring their children to childcare centres in a mall

While unvaccinated individuals will no longer be able to visit shopping malls, Wong has assured that there will be flexibility for cases of unvaccinated caregivers who need to bring their children to childcare centres in these premises.

He added that children under 12 are exempted from the latest vaccination-differentiated measures, which will kick in after the one-week grace period starting Wednesday.

2. Will standalone supermarkets be a haven for the unvaccinated?

Wong acknowledged that they can't stop unvaccinated people from "running their errands" in places such as large standalone supermarkets, which are exempted from the new rules.

"You know the risks are higher, when you're not vaccinated. So please take the necessary precautions," he said.

3. There's no need to fear living with Covid-19 as long as we 'follow the rules'

Comparing the latest protocols to traffic rules, Ong said that there's no need to fear Covid-19 as long as people "know where the risks are and observe the rules".

"I cross the road only when the light says I can cross. I don't say that I don't fear crossing the road, and therefore I walk across anytime I want," he said.

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