'The chickens haven't grow up yet': Diners recount disappointing meal at Nene Chicken

'The chickens haven't grow up yet': Diners recount disappointing meal at Nene Chicken
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Prices of food, electricity and gas continue to rise in Singapore. Chicken, in particular, has been a point of contention ever since Malaysia's export ban kicked in on June 1.

And while you might be paying more for food now, some consumers have found that they are not always getting bang for their buck.

Stomp contributor Ginny visited Nene Chicken at Our Tampines Hub on Tuesday evening (June 21) and was disappointed by how small her chicken was.

She had ordered a two-piece chicken meal and a three-piece chicken meal for a total of $28.80.

Ginny said: "The chicken shortage is real?!?!?!

"Nene Chicken's chicken parts are so SMALL! The chickens haven't grow up yet."

Ginny also shared photos showing her and her companion measuring the size of the chicken parts with a mobile phone and a wet tissue packet.

She added: "I gave feedback to the restaurant immediately when I got my food but was told by staff that there is nothing they can do."

The Stomp contributor is not alone in her experience.

A man recently made waves online after he shared his disappointing flight with Korean Air. He had splurged S$7,000 for a one-way business class flight from Hawaii to South Korea.

A photo that he posted online shows the apparently measly meal that he was served: A small steak with potatoes and some vegetables.

The man even placed his credit card next to his food to illustrate the underwhelming size of the steak.

He wrote in his post: "This is a business class steak meal. Looking back at it again, I’m still shocked."

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