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Chinatown department store fires man for allegedly harassing female colleagues

Chinatown department store fires man for allegedly harassing female colleagues
A man was fired after allegedly harassing several female colleagues and injuring a male colleague.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

He wanted to 'expose' his colleague for her wrongdoings, but got fired instead. 

A man, surnamed Wang, had uploaded two videos of himself arguing with his female colleague at Yue Hwa Chinese Products, a department store in Chinatown where they both worked, reported Shin Min Daily News on Monday (Aug 14). 

When a reporter from the Chinese daily visited the store on Aug 13, Wang's supervisor, Zheng, said that Wang had joined the company in April, and was assigned to the third floor as an antiques salesman. 

"When he first came, he would try to chat up the female employees, to ask them out for meals, and even tried to get female customers' phone numbers." 

Wang had harassed at least three female colleagues since he started working at the store, according to the supervisor.

"Some of them were so afraid of him that they would hide behind the counter, and he'd continue to chase them. If I left work early that day, I would have to remind him to leave them alone," said Zheng. 

Wang's shenanigans didn't stop there. 

He also pushed an elderly male colleague into the toilet and cussed at him on Aug 9, causing the latter's blood pressure to rise. 

The police were alerted to the incident, and Wang was fired the next day. 

Unhappy that he'd been terminated, the man then posted some videos slandering the company and its employees, Zheng added.

Responding to Shin Min's queries, a company representative confirmed that Wang had harassed some female employees and injured a male employee. 

The company has also made a police report against Wang, and clarified that the content of the videos posted by Wang was untrue. 

When interviewed by the Chinese daily, Wang denied all allegations made against him. 

He explained that he posted the videos to expose the company's bad working culture. 

"The woman who filmed me was upset because I called her 'aunty' while the other employee wanted to pick a fight with me, so she knocked my phone over." said Wang. 

Identified as former Cheers employee 

When the video of Wang made its rounds on social media, some eagle-eyed netizens quickly identified him as the former Cheers employee who accused the police of 'thug-like' behaviour

Wang, who was working at the convenience store chain's Lau Pa Sat outlet then, had refused to cooperate with police officers who tried to ask him for his identification documents. 

He had called the police after a customer allegedly used vulgarities on him. 

Cheers later released a statement saying that Wang was dismissed after they had assessed the incident. 

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