Clip of boy peeing into plants at Gardens by the Bay angers Singaporeans

Clip of boy peeing into plants at Gardens by the Bay angers Singaporeans

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

A little boy was recently spotted taking a leak in public at Gardens by the Bay.

In a video clip posted on reddit, the child was seen urinating into some plants at the tourist attraction while the adults around him looked on.

A woman also helped the child pull up his pants before he trotted off.

They could be heard speaking Mandarin in the video but it is unclear if they're Chinese tourists.

And boy are some Singaporeans angry after watching the clip.

"No one would want anyone else peeing in your garden... Why don't they ever think?" a reddit user wrote.

"Please tell me you reported them to management. The plants at gardens aren't widely seen around and definitely not your usual backyard grass," said another.

Some redditors noted that there are toilets nearby and such behaviour is quite common among young children regardless of their nationality.

"The child is probably too young to know better," a user wrote, and added that the incident was the caregiver's fault.

Meanwhile, other commenters asked the person who uploaded the clip if he had stopped the child.

"If I had been the one there, I'd definitely have told them off," he said, "because peeing inside the dome into the plants is just nasty."

A Gardens by the Bay spokesperson told AsiaOne that the incident did take place on its premises.

She added: "Urinating in public is an offence and we would like to remind visitors that there are toilets conveniently located around the Gardens that they can access."

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