Construction workers lauded for going out of the way to clean girl's spilled coffee on train

PHOTO: Facebook/Sharen MingHui

Fellow commuters sprung into action after a girl spilled her coffee on a train, with two workers in particular going out of the way to help clean up the mess.

Facebook user Sharen MingHui said in a post on Saturday (Aug 31) that she had been commuting on the East-West Line that morning when she witnessed the incident.

A photo that Sharen posted shows how the coffee had spilled all over the train floor and created an unsightly brown mess.

She recounted: "While the helpless girl was trying to clean up the spill and frantically apologising to everyone around, a few of us around went up with the limited tissues we had to help with the wiping."

However, there was "still a good amount of spillage left" even after the tissues ran out.

Sharen added: "What really touched me (and the girl also I believe) was that two construction workers actually came up and gave their gloves to ease the cleaning process, and one even helped to wipe!"

In a second picture that Sharen shared, a man in a red shirt can be seen wiping the train floor, with traces of the spilled beverage mostly gone.

Sharen said: "Am thankful that the ones that really went out of their way to help was not most of our fellow Singaporeans but the under-appreciated construction workers.

"A little act of kindness goes a long way!"

Her post has since gone viral with over 12,000 likes, 850 comments and 5,800 shares.

Although some slammed the girl for bringing coffee on board the train and being careless, many praised the workers for their selflessness and kind deed.

"The ones who understand hardship and humiliation are mostly the ones ready to help at such situations," one user commented.