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Crocodile on footpath of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve freezes trekkers

Crocodile on footpath of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve freezes trekkers
PHOTO: Stomp

If you are going on a trek anytime soon, it will probably be a good idea to look before you walk.

After all, you will never know what animal might stop you in your tracks and claim your path as their own.

So just imagine the shock on Stomp contributor anonymous ' face when he saw a crocodile chilling on a footpath at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

He told Stomp that he spotted the reptile on Dec 3 at 1.15pm.

In the photo, the crocodile can be seen lying open-mouthed on the path as on-lookers gather to snap photos of the large reptile.

Other passers-by behind the eager photographers appear to be waiting for the crocodile to cross the footpath before they continue on their hike.

"I saw the crocodile appear on the footpath during high tide," anonymous said.

"I only managed to take one photo, but I did notice many youngsters taking many photos with their digital cameras."

Turns out, it is not an unusual sight to see crocodiles at Sungei Buloh.

Facebook user Fang Fang Lo shared photos of a large crocodile on Nature Society (Singapore)'s page on Monday (Dec 7) and explained how it was seen crawling out of the water before lying still on the footpath.

Although both crocodiles were spotted at Sungei Buloh, the crocodile that Fang Fang Lo snapped shots of appears to be bigger than the one Stomp contributor Anonymous saw.

According to National Parks Board (NParks) , here is what you should do if you encounter a crocodile:

  • Do stay calm and back away.
  • Do not approach, provoke or feed the animal.

NParks added that crocodiles are usually found in the water or at the mudflats away from visitor routes.

Warning signs and advisory notices have been posted at areas where these animals are most often seen. Visitors should heed these signs, which advise the public to stay on the visitor routes and not venture off the designated paths.

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