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Customer requests refund for prawn mee after almost finishing entire bowl

Customer requests refund for prawn mee after almost finishing entire bowl
PHOTO: Instagram/dennisedeanna and Facebook/Deanna's Kitchen

[UPDATE: July 5, 6pm]

In a statement, Deliveroo told AsiaOne that it strives "to offer all our stakeholders – customers, restaurant partners and riders – the best possible experience".

It said: "We have looked into the issue and have resolved the matter."

Refunds are important in building a customer's trust during a dispute, but what happens if the request is unreasonable?

Small business owner, Denise – who specialises in cooking halal prawn noodles at Deanna's Kitchen – took to Facebook to recount a customer's refund request on Sunday (July 4).

In the caption, she said that Deliveroo had contacted them regarding a customer who asked "for a full refund of a bowl of mee" for a delivery on July 3 at around 1pm. 

The post, which has garnered over 150 comments and almost 400 shares, had a screengrab of the refund details as well as indicating the customer feedback and the photograph of bowl of mee.

The feedback said: "Stated deshelled prawns but came with shell." 

The best part? The customer had eaten most of the meal – including the clams – visible in that photograph with the three unpeeled prawns left behind.

As soon as Denise saw the customer's photograph, Denise rejected the refund request.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Denise said: "Actually I was quite shocked that someone would request for a full refund because the prawns were not peeled. It is definitely something that didn't cross my mind."

Netizens were quick to react, agreeing that the customer was being ridiculous while others chided him for being lazy.

In her Facebook post, Denise reminded others that "it is tough running a business in this climate". She hopes that customers would show more compassion to small businesses such as hers.

She also has updated her post, informing that Deliveroo will not be deducting the refund from their sales.

AsiaOne has reached out to Deliveroo for comment.

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