Customers vomit after finding maggots in Changi Village nasi lemak chicken wing

Customers vomit after finding maggots in Changi Village nasi lemak chicken wing
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Irvin Yio, Facebook/Changi Famous Food Centre Pte Ltd

[UPDATE March 16] The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said on Tuesday (March 15) that it has received feedback and is investigating the matter.

"Food safety is a joint responsibility. While SFA puts in place and enforces the regulatory measures, food operators must play their part by adhering to good food hygiene and preparation practices," the statement read.

SFA also mentioned it will not hesitate to take enforcement action against errant food handlers if sufficient evidence has been obtained.

Members of the public who come across potentially errant food operators should report to SFA here.

What was supposed to be a sumptuous nasi lemak meal at Changi Village turned out to be anything but for a group of friends looking for an early morning breakfast.

In a Facebook post uploaded last Saturday (March 12), Irvin Yio wrote that he had gone to food stall Changi Famous Food Centre with two of his friends for nasi lemak at 4.30am.

They had ordered the nasi lemak set three which included chicken wings and otah.

However, halfway through his meal, Yio noticed maggots wriggling inside his half-eaten chicken wing. He said they threw up upon catching sight of the writhing maggots.

"My friends and I puked immediately and it was really very bad," Yio wrote.

He provided a detailed description on Facebook (below).


He claimed that he found more than 20 maggots in his meal and that he had to ask the stall employees to throw all the remaining food away, reported website Coconuts Singapore. 

He said he also requested and received a refund for their meals.

"I hope this terrible experience of mine can allow others to be wary of what they are eating in certain stalls and not fall victim like how my friends and I did. I am avoiding fried chicken for a while thank you very much," posted Yio.

He said they have reported the incident to the SFA.

In the Facebook comments section, netizens were equally irked by what they saw and read.

One user was particularly disappointed given that the stall was one of their favourite spots for late-night nasi lemak.

Changi Famous Food Centre did not respond to AsiaOne's calls and emails.

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