Cyclist appears out of nowhere in CTE tunnel, stumbles in front of oncoming traffic

PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/SG Road Vigilante

A cyclist had a brush with death after stumbling in front of oncoming traffic in the Central Expressway (CTE) tunnel. 

In the 69-second video clip circulating online, a man in red can be seen appearing out of nowhere near the Cairnhill Circle exit.

After which, he seemingly lost control of his bicycle before falling off the footpath meant for maintenance work.

Luckily, one car swerved to its right while the dashcam driver managed to hit the brakes in time, to avoid hitting the man. As the video progressed, another cyclist can be seen walking his bicycle at the same footpath. 

According to the contributor of the video, which has garnered over 15,800 views and 70 comments on YouTube, this took place on Tuesday (Oct 12) around 2.30pm. 

Netizens praised the drivers for their quick response while some were shocked by the cyclists' dangerous act.

PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/SG Road Vigilante

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), cyclists are not allowed to cycle in all tunnels, including expressway tunnels.