Daily roundup: Foodpanda customer and rider argue over cash-on-delivery - and other top stories today

PHOTO: Stomp

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. 'I'm not ATM machine': Foodpanda customer and rider argue over cash-on-delivery

A Foodpanda customer and rider were involved in a dispute via text regarding cash-on-delivery... » READ MORE

2. 6-year-old girl breaks Singapore's pi memorisation record; recites 1,560 digits

PHOTO: Vennila Munusamy

She beat memory trainers Sancy Suraj — who held the previous record with 1,505 digits in 2018 — and Wellon Chou — who was the record holder in 2013 with 1,380 digits... » READ MORE

3. 3 women rally help for workers at Westlite dorm affected by Covid-19, pool over $10,000 worth of supplies overnight

PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Rome may not have been built in a day, but much good can still be done within a short span of time through the kind actions of others... » READ MORE

4. 2 serious cases among 14 suspected adverse events linked to Covid-19 booster shots

PHOTO: The New Paper

There were 14 reports of suspected adverse events out of more than 230,000 booster jabs of Covid-19 vaccines given out since the national booster vaccination programme was rolled out on Sept 15... » READ MORE