Darts player dies after second stroke at 32

Darts player dies after second stroke at 32
PHOTO: Lianhe Wanbao

Local darts player Tan Xing Yong, 32, died after he suffered a second stroke, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

He had been recuperating from a stroke in the hospital when he suffered a second stroke. Despite undergoing emergency surgery, Tan remained unconscious for 17 days before he died on Monday (Sept 21). 

Speaking with the Chinese evening daily, the deceased's older brother described him as an easy-going and generous person who regularly enjoyed buffets and mookata with friends.

Tan's health report half a year ago revealed that he had high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. With his family's encouragement, he started paying more attention to his diet and began exercising regularly.

However, he suffered a stroke while driving home on July 30. After his elder brother got a hold of his location through WhatsApp, he called for an ambulance.

"He had a burst blood vessel on the right side of his brain, leaving the left side of his body paralysed," said Tan's brother.

The emergency operation was successful, but tragedy struck again when he was about to get discharged from the hospital.

Tan was a well known local darts player. He came in as the champion in the Dartslive Open 2018 medley singles category, and won third place in the team challenge category of the 2019 Phoenix Summer Festival held in South Korea.

In an interview with ChinaPress, his good friend and former teammate recounted: "I remember he fell in love with the sport not long after he picked it up. Next thing, he was travelling to different countries to take part in competitions."

Tan was laid to rest today (Sept 24) with his beloved darts and shoes.


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