Did you notice the sky 'split' into 2 shades of blue over some areas in Singapore? Here's what it is

PHOTO: Stomp

If you were out and about on Wednesday evening (Feb 13), you may have noticed a strange phenomenon in the sky.

Stomp contributors Lynette and Albert noticed the sky had been 'split' into two shades of blue and shared photos of what they saw.

Lynette witnessed the unusual sight in the sky over the Jurong area at about 7pm while Albert told Stomp he noticed it as he was driving from Tampines to Bedok Reservoir at around 7.10pm.

Albert said: "The sky appeared to have two colours, a darker side and a brighter side drawn by heaven with a line divider."

In response to a Stomp media query, a spokesman from Meteorological Service Singapore explained what caused the sky to look that way.

"The photos appear to show anti-crepuscular rays," he said.

"This is a meteorological optical phenomena usually visible around sunrise or sunset (when the sun is partially obscured).

"Anti-crepuscular rays are parallel shafts of sunlight that extend past clouds blocking the sun and are visible because of scattering of light by small water droplets or particles in the atmosphere."

Photo: Stomp