'Disrespectful act': Woman calls out police officer for flashing peace sign in front of blue police tent

'Disrespectful act': Woman calls out police officer for flashing peace sign in front of blue police tent
A police officer flashing the peace sign in front of a blue police tent.
PHOTO: Facebook/Tracy Lim

The sight of a police officer flashing a peace sign in front of a blue tent angered a woman who called out that officer for being "disrespectful". 

Facebook user Tracy Lim said that her auntie's body was still inside the tent then.

A picture of that officer was posted by Lim on Facebook on Wednesday (June 29) where she wrote: "Dear Singapore Police Force, is this how police officers are supposed to treat [the] deceased? By posing like the body beside was nothing like a background or an accessory to the photo [sic]?"

Lim felt that the police officers actions were "unacceptable and disrespectful to [her] family" and anyone who has been through a death in the family.

That post has since been deleted.

When contacted by AsiaOne, Lim said: "Actually my family don't intend to make this issue big [sic]. We just want to put this message across to SPF for the disrespectful act."

A photo of that officer was reposted on Hardware Zone where he was criticised by netizens for his insensitivity. 

When contacted, the police told AsiaOne that they are aware of posts circulating online showing a police officer posing next to a blue tent.

The agency said that the post pertains to a case of unnatural death that they attended to on Tuesday, where the deceased was found lying motionless at the foot of a block. 

"While the officer was not taking a photo of himself at the scene, he had responded inappropriately to the presence of onlookers in the vicinity," said the police, adding that they had contacted the deceased's next-of-kin and apologised for the officer's actions. 

"All police officers are expected to maintain professionalism in managing incidents. The police will be taking internal action against the officer." 

Lim has since acknowledged and accepted the police's apology.

Providing an update on her Facebook page today, she wrote: "We appreciate the fast action and assurance that they will reinforce on the sensitivity when handling such cases. We wish to rest the matter and let our family have privacy as we prepare for the final arrangement of our aunt [sic]". 


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