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Does Singapore have better food than Malaysia? This UK tourist thinks so after visiting both countries

Does Singapore have better food than Malaysia? This UK tourist thinks so after visiting both countries
PHOTO: Instagram/Yad_ventures, YouTube/Yad Ventures

The topic of whether Singapore or Malaysia has better food is a sensitive one that has led to plenty of debates

But it seems like one tourist has made up his mind as he thinks Singapore takes the cake. 

Yad Sharef, a travel YouTuber from the United Kingdom, recently compared different aspects of Singapore and Malaysia - from the people, cost, food and scenery - in a video on Sunday (Sept 24). 

When it comes to Malaysian food, Yad praised the diversity in cuisines. 

"They literally had absolutely everything. If you wanted Malay food, they had it. If you wanted Middle Eastern food, Indian food, Chinese, literally, they have everything," said Yad, adding that his favourite dish was nasi lemak. 

For Singapore, he called our hawker centres "one of the most legendary things" and enjoyed how the food is not only affordable but tasty too. 

"With culinary treasures at every corner, from the famous chicken rice to Michelin-starred street food vendors, Singapore's food culture is a gastronomical adventure waiting to be explored." 

Like Malaysia, he also found the food options here diverse. 

But while he adored the food from both countries, he felt that Singapore was just better. 

"If I had to mark these two when it comes to food, a lot of you may be surprised but I'm going to go with Singapore," he shared. 

But Malaysia wins in other aspects 

While Yad has crowned Singapore the winner in terms of food, he thinks Malaysia is better than our little red dot in other areas. 

For instance, when it comes to cost, our neighbour beats us flat with it's more affordable prices. 

"Malaysia is often praised for its affordability, from budget-friendly accommodation to wallet-friendly street food," said Yad. 

"It's an excellent destination for travellers looking to maximise their experience without breaking the bank. 

As for Singapore, Yad, like many others, pointed out that it is one of the most expensive countries in the world

"It was really surprising how expensive basic food was," he said, citing the example of how Indian food in a restaurant in Malaysia is significantly cheaper than that in Singapore. 

"There are affordable places like hawker centres and some of the market stalls. However, just overall, let's be honest, we all know how expensive Singapore is, even if you haven't visited it before, it's a well-known fact." 

He also compared the sceneries between both countries and said that he personally preferred Malaysia's. 

"Malaysia's natural beauty is breathtaking, from the large rainforests of Borneo, to the idyllic beaches of Langkawi," he said. 

"And even within the city itself, it's so, so beautiful and green. They've got lush gardens next to the Petronas Towers and they've got a beautiful bird park literally right in the heart of the city where it hosts literally hundreds of different species of birds." 

But that didn't mean he thought badly of Singapore's scenery. 

"Despite its small size, Singapore has transformed urban spaces into [a] stunning oasis," he shared while praising Gardens by the Bay. 

However, he said Singapore didn't have as much nature as compared to Malaysia. 

But when it comes to people, Yad thinks that it's a tie between both countries. 

"In my visits to Malaysia, to be honest, I was touched by the warmth and friendliness of the locals," he shared, adding that he loved how diverse it was there. 

"The fact that it had Chinese, Malays and Indians, it was just incredible." 

However, he did feel there was a slight division between the three main ethnic groups. 

For Singapore, Yad not only praised Singaporeans for making him feel welcome, but also for their efficiency and multiculturalism. 

Apart from that, he praised both countries for having people that speak good English, which made communicating "a breeze" for him and his wife. 

And the overall winner is...

While Yad loved his experiences in both countries, he felt that overall, Malaysia is a better destination. 

"I still love Singapore and I also love Malaysia but I'm just giving it kind of a little scoring system on my recent experience in both of these countries. It doesn't truly mean that my view is the real view," he clarified. 

Yad also said that his current view on both countries may change in the future when he revisits Singapore and Malaysia. 

In the comments, several netizens debated over the points that Yad brought up. 

One said that Yad should have been more specific when he compared both places, especially for Malaysia, as the country has many different cities and areas. 

To that, Yad said that it depends on how one looks at it as travellers don't typically stay in one city and he wanted to cover both the main cities and surrounding areas of Malaysia. 

Another netizen said Malaysia is "Singapore at a fraction of the cost". 

There was also one who found Yad's comparison and scoring "unnecessary". 

The netizen said that Malaysia was only cheap to Yad because of the low currency exchange rate.

He also pointed out that one should not compare Malaysia to Singapore as the former has lots of places to visit as it is a big country with many states while the latter is a small island. 

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