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'Don't anyhow share link': Man warns after dad's friend used $95 of family's CDC vouchers

'Don't anyhow share link': Man warns after dad's friend used $95 of family's CDC vouchers
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Qazimzim, Straits Times file

They say good deals must share, but this act of kindness has cost Qazim Karim's family a chunk of their $300 Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers.

In a TikTok video on Friday (Jan 6), Qazim, a 33-year-old civil servant, said that he helped his family redeem their CDC vouchers and shared the link with his father.


"And you know what my father did? He shared the link with everyone else, so like everyone in his contacts."

After that, his 60-year-old father realised someone used $95 worth of vouchers and asked Qazim if it was him but it wasn't.

While checking, Qazim discovered that someone outside his household had used the vouchers at a supermarket on Tuesday.

After speaking to his "tech-savvy" dad about it, they managed to find out who had used their vouchers — it was the latter's close friend.

Speaking to AsiaOne on Saturday about the “unfortunate” incident, Qazim explained that there will be a unique link generated after redeeming the CDC vouchers and that was the link his dad shared.


"My dad felt a bit paiseh and awkward. I have told him to ask [his friend] to Paynow him back the money."

However, he's not sure if his father followed up on his instructions.

Qazim shared that he has submitted his feedback to verify if the redeemed link can be accessed by anyone without Singpass verification. 

Though Qazim admitted that it's normal and common for people (especially seniors) to forward links as it is, he warned: "I guess you should be wary of what links you are sharing."

He reiterated this in his TikTok video where he said: "Don't anyhow share your [CDC voucher] link because each link is unique to each person, like each family."

AsiaOne has contacted the People's Association for comment.

Most recently, there was another complaint regarding CDC vouchers.

On Thursday (Jan 5), a Bedok resident accused a previous flat owner of using his family's vouchers.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the man, surnamed Liu, shared that the previous homeowner had "unknowingly become a family member" after he did not change his address.

The People's Association and CDC have since advised Liu to visit the nearest community centre to apply for the vouchers.

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