'Don't bully old people': Fight breaks out between elderly men in Bedok North coffee shop

PHOTO: Instagram/sgfollowsall

It started out as a squabble over a vacant seat, which later erupted into an all-out scuffle. 

Diners were rudely interrupted by elderly men throwing fists at a coffee shop under Block 538 Bedok North on Wednesday morning (Sept 8).

In a video circulating on social media, it shows the 60-year-old ‘uncle’ standing on a table, gesticulating wildly at an 80-year-old man whose mask was lowered.

Refusing to back down, the white-haired senior wanted to square up to his opponent on the same table. But a man in grey, who was identified as his son, came to his defence. 

“Don’t bully old people,” warned the old man's son. 

When vulgarities were spewed from both sides, it was clear that advice was not heeded.

The fight reached its climax when the uncle was seen on the table raining blows on the old man’s son below. While it was clear he was unable to defend himself, he was quickly supported by his father, slapping the man on the table from behind. 

The brawl only ended when the elderly men were pulled apart by concerned onlookers. 

It appears no one was injured during that brief ‘hand-to-hand’ combat. 

In the comments, reactions to the fight were mixed. Some netizens chose to see the funny side, supported by a few movie references.


While others were embarrassed by the elderly men’s behaviour.


Speaking to reporters from Shin Min Daily News, a stall owner named Yan said the dispute started when the old man came into the coffee shop together with his wife, son and daughter-in-law.

The 62-year-old said: “The family is a frequent visitor to the coffee shop. Since groups of two are only allowed due to Covid-19 measures, they had to be separated.” 

Another stall vendor named Lim said the uncle, who was seated alone, told the old man off when the latter asked him about a vacant seat. 

The 50-year-old said: “The old man must have felt offended by the uncle’s claim that the seat opposite him was already taken as he wanted to sit close to his family.” 

According to safe management measures from the Ministry of Health, coffee shops and hawker centres are permitted to seat dine-in groups of up to two, regardless of vaccination status. 

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